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Hopscotch is a visual programming language developed by Hopscotch Technologies, designed to allow young or beginner programmers to develop simple projects. Its simple UI allows its users to drag and drop blocks to create scripts of which can be played when activated. Although the language is easy to use, to develop more advanced pieces of code is almost impossible and requires more powerful languages. The use of the language is through a tablet or phone supporting Hopscotch.[1]

Software development[edit]

The idea sprang from an already existing programming tool, Scratch, where the user drags blocks into scripts in succession to create a script. This is found much easier by children than typing out the code manually like other programming languages tend to use. Though the developers wanted to take a step back from Scratch and make it slightly easier to grasp to ability to use, therefore removing many blocks and adding some of their own in hope to make it easier to use.

The most recent version of the application allows users to change their avatar's profile picture, in its special beta testing service, Hopscotch Beta, the "avatars" will be changed, and new "shapes" will come out.


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