Hora Prasad Joshi

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Hora Prasad Joshi
Born 1925
Kathmandu, Nepal
Died November 23, 2010 (aged 85)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Alma mater Durbar High School
  • Lawyer
  • politician
Political party Nepali Congress
Children 4

Hora Prasad Joshi (Nepali: होराप्रसाद जोशी; 1925-2010) is a Nepali political figure who was crucial in shaping the politics of modern Nepali government. He was the Home Minister in B.P. Koirala's Nepali Congress, a social democratic political party. He also drafted the 1962 constitution for King Mahendra.[1] He was also the Member Secretary of the National Health and Sports Council in 1958, and received a letter of felicitation for his contribution to Nepal's sports sector in 2002.[2]

Hora Prasad Joshi wrote a book in 1958 called The Way to Political Stability: An Analysis[3] discussing Nepal's tense political situation.

In 2006, a biography was written about his life and his role in Nepali politics. The biography, entitled Nabirsane ti dinaharu[4] (नबिर्सने ती दिनहरु, translation: Those Days Which Cannot Be Forgotten), is available through the Library of Congress.


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