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Horacio Álvarez Mesa (30 November 1881 – July 1936) was a Spanish politician, lawyer and journalist.

He was born in Avilés on 30 November 1881, the son of Florentino Álvarez Mesa and Carmen Menendez-Valdes Muñiz. Between 1900 - 1901 he studied and Philosophy and Letters in the Central University of Madrid, He then studied law and qualified in 1904. He then practised as a lawyer, journalist and Asturian liberal politician. He was municipal secretary of Avilés from 1 May to 14 July 1908.[1]

He was President of the arts school "Sociedad fundadora y protectora de la Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Aviles" from 1911 to 1914.[2]

In 1917 he became one of the voluntary contributors to the newspaper El Progreso de Asturias (The Progress of Asturias), founded on 6 January that year by the linguist and journalist Julian G. Orbón.[3] They later collaborated with the newspaper El Adenlatado founded in 1932.

He was assassinated at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July 1936.


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