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Country India
State Karnataka

Horamavu is an area in Bangalore in Indian state of Karnataka. It is a rapidly growing suburb, which is adjacent to other areas such as Banaswadi, Kalkere and Ramamurthy nagar in North Bangalore. The Krishnarajapuram railway station, an important railway junction in Bangalore, is 3 km away.


Horamavu today is very strategically placed off the ring road and close to three important stations, K.R Puram, Banaswadi and Bangalore East. Horamavu has a good number of planned layouts like Brindavan Layout, Sai Sankalpa Layout, P&T Layout, Nandanam Colony, Ashirwad Colony, Banjara layout, Bank Avenue Colony, Papaiya Layout, Coconut Grove Layout, kenchappa garden, brundavan layout.

Horamavu railway crossing is a traffic bottleneck during the times when trains pass through. It can take up to 45 minutes for a four-wheeler to cross this junction during congested times. There has been no progress on the proposed underpass construction for many years.

Haramavu Road Diversion
Alternate Routes for Horamavu

Horamavu Railway Underpass development:[edit]

Horamavu Raiway Underpass Bridget Construction
Commmencement of Horamavu Railway Underpass Bridge construction project

Much delayed Railway Underpass construction project has commenced on 26-Jul-2016, and 100Mts of the road on both the sides of the Railway Level Crossing has been closed for public transport. Large hoardings are placed on the road to guide the road users about the alternative roads.

While officials give time line of 9 months to 1 year for completion of project, like all govt projects the time could actually be any where from 1 year to 2 years. During underpass construction, the residences, apartments and business from both sides of underpass (with in 70mtrs from Gandhi circle side ( till Ganesha temple) , 120mtrs from other side) could be cut off from Vehicle access. Making it difficult for people to commute to work or even move out of premise. It may be advisable for residents who have elderly, people who may need medical attention to move out of area temporarily as once the underpass work starts on the approach ramps, all the vehicle access could be cut off for residents on either side of ramp.


Large-scale real estate development in Horamavu is also causing a lot of damage in some part of areas. The Raja Kaluves and lakes are being encroached destroying an area which was once rich in plants and fauna. Like the newly developing areas, there are no areas identified for gardens and parks Bangalore is famous for.

Water is also a serious issue in some areas but in some areas it is witnessed that water has seen at 600 ft. Bore-wells today have to be dug below 1000 ft to get water. There is no sewage and water supply facilities in the entire Horamavu.

Snakes have been a cause of constant trouble for people living in this area as it is still developing and several sites are left uninhabited.[1]


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