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Horasis Logo RGB.jpg
Formation 2005
Type think tank
Region served
Frank-Jürgen Richter
Website www.horasis.org

Horasis is an independent think tank based in Zurich, Switzerland, which was established in 2005 by Frank-Jürgen Richter, its chairman.[1]

Horasis holds invitation-only meetings of global business leaders with a regional focus on China, India, and Southeast Asia. It has been dubbed "a kind of junior league World Economic Forum for the emerging market set" by The New York Times.[2] It also holds a Global Meeting, and hosts private events for the Horasis Visionary Circle, a peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs.


Horasis provides a platform for cooperation and knowledge-sharing, particularly between developed countries and emerging markets.[3] The community works principally through partnerships with corporations, governments and international organizations, often serving as an incubator for new initiatives.These meetings rotate amongst host countries which stage the events;[4] selected corporations supplement speeches and presentations about actual topics.[5][6]

Horasis meetings are usually held in a host country outside the geographic location of the 'in-focus' nation. The events are a means for the countries 'in focus' as guests (China, India, and South East Asia) to promote relations with the world and to display soft power through co-option and cooperation. The meetings are also a platform for the host country to engage in policy dialogue with the guest countries.[7][8]

Global Meeting[edit]

The annual Horasis Global Meeting is a gathering of business people with government officials, scientists and intellectuals. Around 500 participants from 70 countries gather every year to discuss issues concerning corporations and societies. The 2016 meeting was held in Liverpool;[9][10] the 2017 Horasis at the Portuguese seaside resort of Cascais. Issues such as economic growth, innovation, migration and inequality usually figure in the debates.[11][12]

Regional Meetings[edit]

Horasis holds the Horasis China Meeting, the Horasis India Meeting and the Horasis Asia Meeting on an annual basis.[13] In 2017, the Horasis China Meeting was for the first time held in Sheffield, UK, and was attended by more than 300 Chinese business people, including representatives from state-owned companies, investment funds and private firms, as well as their British counterparts.[14] The international Horasis India Meeting is attended by hundreds of business people and politicians from India and around the world.[15] The Horasis Asia Meeting in 2017 was co-hosted by the Government of West Bengal and the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).[16][17]

Business Leaders of the Year[edit]

Horasis awards the "Business Leaders of the Year" award for entrepreneurs who have been building and leading successful global firms. The award was first given in 2006.[18] The award ceremonies take place at the regional meetings.[19][20]


Horasis publishesreports based on the meetings, and contributes op-eds to the international press.[21][22][23]


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