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Born probably Memphis, Egypt
Burial mastaba G 7410-7420 at Giza
Consort Queen Meresankh II
Issue Nefertkau III
Father Khufu
Mother unknown queen
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion

Horbaef (also known as Baefhor and Horbaf) was an Ancient Egyptian prince of the 4th dynasty. His title was "King's son". He was named after the god Horus.

H Hr
bA f
in hieroglyphs

Horbaef was a son of Pharaoh Khufu and an unknown woman. He married his half-sister Meresankh II, and they had two daughters, Nefertkau III and Nebty-tepites. They may have also had one son called Djaty. After Horbaef's death, his widow Meresankh married a pharaoh, her other half-brother, either Djedefra or Khafra, and thus she became a queen. It's possible that Djaty was a son of Meresankh's second husband because he had a title "king's son of his body", and Horbaef was a prince but never a king.

Horbaef was buried in mastaba G 7410-7420 at Giza. Meresankh was also buried there.


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