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Original author(s)Nicolas Schulz
Developer(s)The Horde3D Team
Written inC++
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (experimental)[1]
Available inEnglish
TypeGraphics rendering engine

Horde3D is an open-source cross-platform graphics engine.[2] Its purpose and design is similar to that of OGRE with the primary goal being lightweight for next-generation video games.[3] The engine is also particularly suited for large crowd simulations.[4] The engine is also compatible with GLFW.[5] The major part of the graphics engine was originally written for the indie group pyropix and development is now continued at the University of Augsburg.


The engine is primarily designed for an object-oriented approach to scene rendering.[6][7] It also features a Scene Editor that can design shaders with support for plugins including physics.[8] The engine was originally built on top of OpenGL 2.0[9] A plugin to use the engine with the Bullet Physics API also exists.[10]


The engine contains a number of bindings to various languages including C#, Java, Python, Lua, Squirrel, GML (GMHorde3D)[11]

Games using the engine[edit]

The following commercial games use the Horde3D engine:[2]

Title Year Developer
Offroad Legends 2012 DogByte Games
Redline Rush 2013 DogByte Games
Timelines: Assault on America 2013 4Flash Interactive


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