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This article is about the sculpture installation. For the accessible platform installation, see Horizon Field Hamburg.
Statue-installation on the Kanisfluh (2044 m), in the background Mörzelspitze (1830 m), Hochälpelekopf (1464 m) and Lake Constance.

Horizon Field is a 2010 sculpture installation by Antony Gormley. The installation features 100 life-sized cast iron statues of the human body left at exactly 2,039 m above sea-level in the Austrian Alps. It is the first art project of its kind erected in the Alps and the largest landscape intervention in Austria to date.[1] The work covers an area of 150 square kilometres in the Land Vorarlberg, Austria, communities of Mellau, Schoppernau, Schröcken, Warth, Mittelberg, Lech, Klösterle, and Dalaas.[1]


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