Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

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Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere
Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere light novel 1 (above).jpg
Cover of the first light novel volume
(Kyōkaisen-jō no Horaizon)
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction, Romance
Light novel
Written by Minoru Kawakami
Illustrated by Satoyasu
Published by ASCII Media Works
Demographic Male
Imprint Dengeki Bunko
Magazine Dengeki Bunko Magazine
Original run September 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 18
Written by Minoru Kawakami
Illustrated by Hideo Takenaka
Published by ASCII Media Works
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Dengeki Daioh
Original run October 2011 – ongoing
Volumes 5
Anime television series
Directed by Manabu Ono
Written by Tatsuhiko Urahata
Music by Tatsuya Kato
Studio Sunrise
Licensed by
Network MBS, CTC, tvk, TVS, Tokyo MX, TVA
Original run October 1, 2011December 24, 2011
Episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Kyōkaisen-jō no Horako-san
Written by Minoru Kawakami
Illustrated by Kuraun Hani
Published by ASCII Media Works
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Dengeki G's Magazine
Original run January 2012November 2012
Volumes 1
Anime television series
Kyōkaisen-jō no Horizon Season 2
Directed by Manabu Ono
Written by Tatsuhiko Urahata
Music by Tatsuya Kato
Studio Sunrise
Licensed by
Network MBS, Tokyo MX, tvk, TVS, CTC, TVA
Original run July 7, 2012September 29, 2012
Episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Kyōkaisen-jō no Horizon Portable
Developer Tenky
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Genre RPG
Platform PlayStation Portable
  • JP April 25, 2013
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Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (境界線上のホライゾン Kyōkaisen-jō no Horaizon?, literally Horizon on the Borderline) is a Japanese light novel series written by Minoru Kawakami and illustrated by Satoyasu. The series is set in the distant future when Japan has been conquered by other countries and divided up into feudal territories. The series is part of a six-stage (particularly the fourth one, called "Genesis") chronicle universe, with Minoru's other light novels (including Owari no Chronicle, the series pre-prequel) encompassing the other five. A 13-episode anime adaptation by Sunrise aired between October and December 2011. A 13-episode second season aired between July and September 2012. Both seasons have been licensed and released on DVD and Blu-ray by Sentai Filmworks in North America and Manga Entertainment in the UK. A video game adaptation for the PlayStation Portable titled Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Portable (境界線上のホライゾン Portable , Kyōkaisen-jō no Horizon Portable?) was developed by Tenky, and was released in Japan on April 25, 2013.[1]


In the far future, humans abandon a devastated Earth and travel to outer space. However, due to an unknown phenomenon that prevents them from traveling into space, humanity returns to Earth only to find it inhospitable except for Japan. To accommodate the entire human population, pocket dimensions are created around Japan to house the returned populace. In order to find a way to return to outer space, the humans begin reenacting human history according to the Holy Book Testament. But in the year 1413 of the Testament Era, the nations of the pocket dimensions invade and conquer Japan, dividing the territory into feudal fiefdoms and forcing the original inhabitants of Japan to leave. It is now the year 1648 of the Testament Era, and the refugees of Japan now live in the city ship, Musashi, which constantly travels around Japan while being watched by the Testament Union, the authority that runs the re-enactment of history. However, rumors of an apocalypse and war begin to spread when the Testament stops revealing what happened after 1648. Taking advantage of this situation, Tori Aoi, head of Musashi Ariadust Academy's Supreme Federation and President of the student council, uses this opportunity to lead his classmates and try to regain their homeland.


Main characters[edit]

Tori Aoi (葵・トーリ Aoi Tōri?)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English)
Handle name: Me ( Ore?)
The main protagonist. He is the head of Musashi Ariadust Academy's Supreme Federation and President of the student council. His athletics and grades are average. However, because he doesn't know the meaning of depressed and has an incredibly cheerful attitude, and the only time he ever cried was when his childhood friend Horizon Ariadust died. He knows a lot of strip jokes, and often plays the fool but he's very respected nonetheless. After he is declared Viceroy of Musashi along Horizon, Tori gains access to one-fourth of the ship's energy supply, and by making a contract to the Asama Shrine he gains a special power that allows him to channel that energy supply to his allies, granting them limitless power. This ability is also used by Horizon to activate Ólos Phthonos and unlock the true power of the Mortal Sin Armaments in her possession. The condition for the ability to properly work is that he has to always be happy for the rest of his life, and a single flick of sadness at his heart may provoke a backlash that can kill him. Despite his fool play, he has proven himself as a capable leader, coming with unexpected solutions to the most intricate difficulties and also being skilled in debates as seen when he confronts the opinions of Masazumi Honda and later P-01s.
P-01s (ピー・ゼロワンエス Pī Zerowan'esu?) / Horizon Ariadust (ホライゾン・アリアダスト Horaizon Ariadasuto?)
Voiced by: Minori Chihara (Japanese), Emily Neves (English)
Handle name: Horako (ホラ子 Horako?)
The main female protagonist. She is an android employed at the bakery/snack shop Blue Thunder, which is popular among the Musashi students. She aimlessly appeared one year ago and the owner of Blue Thunder took her in, but she has no memories prior to that. She is emotionless and unsociable, but she works very hard at Blue Thunder. She is also the reason why Tori started going back to the Blue Thunder, because she resembled Horizon, Tori's childhood friend and love interest who supposedly died ten years earlier. Later he finds out that she is Horizon herself, but also as P-01s she has the ninth Mortal Sin Armament, Ólos Phthonos, with the feeling of envy attached to it. Her emotions are spread out into the Nine Mortal Sin Armaments, which Tori vows to gather for Horizon, thus "conquering the world." Towards the end of anime's first season, she regains her feeling of sadness when she came into possession of Muneshige Tachibana's Mortal Sin Armament, the Lypē Katathlipsē, and cried while firing its Overdrive Activation. After obtaining Thomas Shakespeare's Mortal Sin Armament, the Aspida Philargia, Horizon regains her feelings of ambition, promising to make use of her new-found greed to have her classmates stop the apocalypse and claim a better future for all of Musashi. P-01s is the short name for Phtonos-01s, the OS for the Mortal Sin Armaments. Ólos Phthonos is the system that taps into Horizon's soul, allowing Horizon to use the Soul Activation of all Mortal Sin Armaments.

Musashi Ariadust Academy students[edit]

Masazumi Honda (本多・正純 Honda Mazasumi?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), Genevieve Simmons (English)
Handle name: Vice President (副会長 Fukukaichou?)
The vice president of the student council. She's very serious, skilled in debate, and aiming to become a politician. In the past she underwent gender reassignment surgery in order to continue the family name, but certain circumstances forced her to stop the process partway. Her lack of breasts is a result of the surgery, but Tori treats her as a girl with a flat chest. She used to wear male clothing after the partial gender reassignment, but after Innocentius' lecture she started to wear female clothing again. Later she gains an anteater-like maus which Asami imbues with special powers to protect her.
Futayo Honda (本多・二代 Honda Futayo?)
Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi (Japanese), Kendall McClellan (Season 1), Carli Mosier (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Dragonfly Cutter (蜻蛉切 Tonbokiri?)
Head of the Mikawa Security Corps. She is Masazumi's second cousin and the daughter of Tadakatsu Honda, one of the four divine Matsudaira kings. Due to the strict training she received from her father, she became a skilled fighter with the spear but is clueless about the world. While she holds a high level of morale, she is easily embarrassed, which causes her to drop her guard. She inherits the Divine Weapon Tonbokiri from her father after his death. Futayo's contract with her god gave her increased speed for every swing of weapon she does, thus giving her endless speed boost. After being defeated in battle by Kimi, she enrolls at Musashi Ariadust Academy.
Toussaint Neshinbara (トゥーサン・ネシンバラ Tūsan Neshinbara?)
Voiced by: Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese), Beth Lazarou (English)
Handle name: Novice (未熟者 Mijukumono?)
The secretary for the student council. He has a dry personality and often faces the goofing off around him with a cold attitude, but he's also a romanticist who loves history and hopes to be a writer. When the nations come to war, he is in charge of drafting and commanding their strategies.
Shirojiro Bertoni (シロジロ・ベルトーニ Shirojiro Berutōni?)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), Justin Doran (Season 1), Kyle Downing (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Miser (守銭奴 Shusendo?)
The accountant for the student council. He is a merchant working at the center of Musashi's business association, and has a contract with the god of commerce that allows him to perform powerful attacks based on how much money is offered to it. He's also what one would call a miser—always using whether or not he stands to profit as the basis of his decisions in everything. His nickname given by the Testament Union is "Poker Face". He is named after Shirojiro Chaya.
Heidi Augesvarer (ハイディ・オーゲザヴァラー Haidi Ogezavarā?)
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka (Japanese), Cynthia Martinez (English)
Handle name: Marubeya (○べ屋 Marubeya?)
Shirojiro's partner. She is seen constantly smiling. She is accompanied by Erimaki, her fox-like Maus.
Tenzo Crossunite (点蔵・クロスユナイト Tenzō Kurosuyunaito?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (Japanese), John Gremillion (Season 1), Mike Yager (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Tenzo (十ZO Ten-ZO?) (kanji for 10 read as "Ten")
First Special Duty Officer of the Supreme Federation. He is a ninja who specializes in close combat. Although he is a nice person, he is quite perverted and has a fetish for big-breasted blonde girls. His face is always covered his eyes cast in shadow. He's most notable by wearing a ballcap which has animated eyes showing his hidden expressions. Tenzo is the first one to encounter Mary when she is in her Scarred disguise. When her identity is revealed, Tenzo fell in love with her and decided to rescue her from the Tower of London. When she transfers to the Musashi, they start sharing a room together as husband and wife.
Mary (メアリ Meari?)
Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)
Handle name: Scarred (傷有り Kizuari?)
She is introduced in the second season of the series as Scarred. She hid her identity with a cloak showing only a scar on her face and wearing iron shackles on her ankles. She is later revealed to be Mary Stuart and twin sister of Queen Elizabeth. Before her actual role, she was given the Mary Tudor one, and now is destined to be executed just as occurred with the real-life Mary Stuart. After inadvertently revealing her identity to Tenzo and falling in love with him, she returns to the London Tower determined to fulfill her role until she is rescued by Tenzo, who declares his love for her and convinces her to live with him at the Musashi.
Kiyonari Ulquiaga (キヨナリ・ウルキアガ Kiyonari Urukiaga?)
Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese), Sam Roman (English)
Handle name: Ukii (ウキー Ukii?)
Second Special Duty Officer. He is a half dragon and has a fetish for older-sister type girls.
Margot Naito (マルゴット・ナイト Marugotto Naito?)
Voiced by: Nao Tōyama (Japanese), Kris Carr (Season 1), Allison Sumrall (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Maru-Gold (金○ Kin Maru?)
Third Special Duty Officer. A blonde witch with golden-yellow wings. She and Malga are lovers, which makes the two lesbian witches in open rebellion against the Catholic Church.
Malga Naruze (マルガ・ナルゼ Maruga Naruze?)
Voiced by: Emi Nitta (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)
Handle name: Maru-Ga (● 画 Maru Ga?)
Fourth Special Duty Officer. A white witch with black wings. She and Margot are lovers, which makes the two lesbian witches in open rebellion against the Catholic Church. Malga is also a manga artist.
Nate "Argenté Loup" Mitotsudaira (ネイト・ミトツダイラ Neito Mitotsudaira?)
Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese), Rebekah Stevens (English)
Handle name: Silver Wolf (銀 狼 Ginrou?)
Fifth Special Duty Officer. A girl who is half-wolf and has long, silver hair. She is a knight from Hexagone Francaise, and the branch successor of the Matsudaira. Currently she’s the only active duty knight in Musashi because the other knights are still too young and inexperienced or forced out of duty by graduation because of the age limitation.
Naomasa (直政 Naomasa?)
Voiced by: Kei Shindo (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (Season 1), Maggie Flecknoe (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Cigarette Woman (煙草女 Tabako Onna?)
Sixth Special Duty Officer. She is a citizen of Qing-Takeda and is a member of the Musashi Engineering Club. She is a bored-looking girl with a mechanical right arm who rides a bushin named Jizuri Suzaku. People see her as an older-sister type. Also called the "Tobacco Lady" for smoking.
Kimi Aoi (葵・喜美 Aoi Kimi?)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō (Japanese), Maggie Flecknoe (English)
Handle name: Wise Sister (賢 姉様 Ken Neesama?)
Tori's older sister. She constantly badmouths Tori for being a foolish little brother, but cares greatly for him, as the only time she ever cried was over her brother's sadness at Horizon's death. She contracted the god of dance and sensuality, giving her various protection from being touched by anyone she doesn't want to. Her specialty is using her sensuality and dancing to avoid any attack. Moreover, almost everything she does such as putting on make up and even moving is included as an offering.
Tomo Asama (浅間・智 Asama Tomo?)
Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)
Handle name: Asama (あさま Asama?)
A Shinto priestess of the Asama Shrine and a childhood friend of Tori and Kimi. She uses the bow and arrow as her weapon and can shoot with high precision with the aid of Konoha, her artificial left eye, and Hanami, a Maus built into Konoha. Despite the rule that a shrine maiden is not allowed to hurt others, she’s known as the Sniper Priestess and often joined battles to shoot down aircraft while barely breaking the rule of not hurting people.
Adéle Balfette (アデーレ・バルフェット Adēre Barufetto?)
Voiced by: Ayuru Ōhashi (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
Handle name: Poor Retainer (貧従士 Hinjyuushi?)
A girl from Hexagone Française who works as a retainer for knights. She is the commander of the Musashi when the vessel is engaged in ship warfare. Despite fighting with heavy weaponry, she has impressive mobility. During land battles, she wears heavy armor and even used by Persona as a shield.
Suzu Mukai (向井・鈴 Mukai Suzu?)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki (Japanese), Meg McDonald (English)
Handle name: Bell (ベ ル Be Ru?)
A shy girl whose bangs cover her blind eyes. She has a crush on Tori, but has been too shy to confess. Despite being blind, her hearing is very sensitive that she can hear things others can’t.
Noriki (ノリキ Noriki?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese), John Gremillion (Season 1), David Matranga (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Hardworker (労働者 Roudousha?)
A student who works at several part-time jobs to support his large family. He specializes in physical attacks and is a skilled fist fighter.
Ginji Ohiroshiki (御広敷・銀二 Ohiroshiki Ginji?)
Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi (Japanese), Andrew Love (Season 1), Bryan Leach (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Man of Worship (礼賛者 Raisansha?)
A fat student who eats a lot. He is a member of the academy's cooking club. He's an otaku and a lolicon, although he constantly denies being a lolicon. He is also a sponsor to most child caretaking facilities in Musashi.
Persona (ペルソナ君 Perusona-kun?)
Handle name: Buckets (ばけつ Baketsu?)
A giant, strong man who wears a bucket helmet.
Kenji Ito (伊藤・健児 Itō Kenji?)
Voiced by: Eiji Miyashita (Japanese), Chris Hutchison (Season 1), David Wald (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Obscenity (いんび Inbi?)
A naked and muscular incubus with a cheerful personality. Can transform into gas and absorb energy from other creature.
Nenji (ネンジ Nenji?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese), John Gremillion (Season 1), David Matranga (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Sticky King (粘着王 Nenchaku-Ou?)
A slime spirit. Has 3 HP but he’s able to regenerate himself after being destroyed to pieces and capable of limited shape shifting.
Hassan Fullbush (ハッサン・フルブシ Hassan Furubushi?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (Japanese), Andrew Love (Season 1), John Gremillion (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Hassan (83 Ha San?)
An Indian student who loves curry. His attacks always involve curry.
Miriam Poqou (ミリアム・ポークウ Miriam Pōkuu?)
Voiced by: Ai Matayoshi (Japanese), Joy Saxton (English)
A paralyzed girl who is confined to a wheelchair. Due to her disability, she is home-schooled inside her boarding room at the dormitory.
Azuma ( Azuma?)
Voiced by: Rika Morinaga (Japanese), Jennifer Alyx (Season 1), Molly Searcy (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Azuma (あずま Azuma?)
The Crown Prince of the Divine States. He is a half-god and enrolls in the academy despite his status. Despite having his power as half-god sealed, his status as crown prince still hold great influence to the peoples. He is Miriam's roommate.
Hiro Mishima (三科 大 Mishima Hiro?)
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Joy Saxton (English)
Handle name: Mishina (347 Mi Shi Na?)
Leader of the Musashi Machinery Department. She is originally from Qing-Takeda's Jueluo Academy before transferring to Musashi Ariadust Academy. She is a longtime colleague of Naomasa and a machine otaku.

Musashi Ariadust Academy faculty[edit]

Makiko Oriotorai (オリオトライ・真喜子 Oriotorai Makiko?)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi (Japanese), Elizabeth Bunch (English)
The homeroom teacher for Class 3-Plum at Musashi Ariadust Academy. She has highly athletic skills, to the point where she is called a "Real Amazon".
Mitsuki Sanyou (三要・光紀 San'yō Mitsuki?)
Voiced by: Ai Shimizu (Japanese), Elizabeth Bunch (English)
The homeroom teacher for Class 3-Bamboo at Musashi Ariadust Academy, next door to Class 3-Plum.
Tadatsugu Sakai (酒井・忠次 Sakai Tadatsugu?)
Voiced by: Taiten Kusunoki (Japanese), George Manley (English)
The president of Musashi Ariadust Academy. He was formerly one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Matsudaira.
Yoshinao (ヨシナオ Yoshinao?)
Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono (Japanese), David Wald (Season 1), Justin Doran (Season 2) (English)
The current king of Musashi and vice-principal of Musashi Ariadust Academy. Tori often makes fun of his appearance that looks similar to the king in a deck of cards.

Other Musashi citizens[edit]

Musashi (武蔵 Musashi?)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara (Japanese), Rozie Curtis (English)
An automaton managing the vessel of the same name. Under her are eight automatons that acts as the respective captains of the eight vessels that formed Musashi.
Yoshiki Aoi (葵・善鬼 Aoi Yoshiki?)
Voiced by: Miho Yamada (Japanese), Susan Koozin (English)
The owner of the Blue Thunder and the mother of Tori and Kimi.


Motonobu Matsudaira (松平・元信 Matsudaira Motonobu?)
Voiced by: Sho Hayami (Japanese), Andy McAvin (English)
The Lord of Mikawa and Horizon Ariadust's father, he's also the creator of the Mortal Sin Armaments. He is responsible for the area's current isolation policy. He provokes the meltdown of the Ley Reactor on the Shin-Nagoya Castle in Mikawa in order to start his "Genesis Project", despite dying in said meltdown.
Tadakatsu Honda (本多・忠勝 Honda Tadakatsu?)
Voiced by: Sumi Naomi (Japanese), Mike Yager (English)
Futayo's father and former wielder of the Divine Weapon Tonbokiri. Very loyal to Motonobu Matsudaira, he took part in the Mikawa Meltdown, fighting Muneshige Tachibana. Even though he defeats Muneshige, when Gin Tachibana confronts him, he simply hands over Tonbokiri to her to be given to Futayo. He then stays behind alongside Kazuno, dying in the meltdown.
Kazuno (鹿角 Kazuno?)
Voiced by: Ryōko Shintani (Japanese), Hilary Haag (English)
An automaton who works for the Honda family in Mikawa. Not only are both the cooking and sword skills of Tadakatsu’s late wife perfectly replicated, but her sharp tongue is as well. She's capable of controlling gravity. She remains with Tadakatsu during the Mikawa Meltdown, revealing that she also holds his late wife's soul, dying alongside him.

Tres España[edit]

Felipe Segundo (フェリペ・セグンド Feripe Segundo?)
Voiced by: Tetsu Shiratori (Japanese), Mark X. Laskowski (English)
Chancellor of the academy Alcalá de Henares and the student council president. Despite his status, he does not want to get involved with politics, specially since during the reenactment of the Battle of Lepanto, it costed the life of his wife, children and many of his friends. When he tries to die in the battle against Musashi, he's saved by Juana.
Juana (フアナ Fuana?)
Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese), Holland Vavra (Season 1), Kalin Coates (Season 2) (English)
Vice president and accountant of the student council. She is one of the Eight Great Dragon Kings and possesses the Mortal Sin Armament Akēdia Katathlipsē. During her childhood, she was saved by Felipe then is his most loyal subordinate, eventually confessing her love for him after she rushes to save his life during the naval battle against the Musashi.
Diego Velázquez (ディエゴ・ベラスケス Diego Berasukesu?)
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (Japanese), David Wald (English)
Secretary of Alcalá de Henares student council. He is the owner of the Testament Armament Crus Temperantia Novum. He is also a famous eroge novelist
Muneshige Tachibana (立花・宗茂 Tachibana Muneshige?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese), Illich Guardiola (Season 1), Adam Gibbs (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Tachibana (Husband) (立花夫 Tachibana Otto?)
First Special Duty of the academy Alcalá de Henares. He possesses the Mortal Sin Armament Lypē Katathlipsē. He has a serious personality, but is also amiable. He is named after the samurai Tachibana Muneshige.
Gin Tachibana (立花・誾 Tachibana Gin?)
Voiced by: Minako Kotobuki (Japanese), Shannon Emerick (English)
Handle name: Tachibana (Wife) (立花妻 Tachibana Tsuma?)
Muneshige's wife with prosthetic arms. She can summon heavy artillery with her power. She is clueless about the world and is prone to misunderstanding things. She is named after the samurai Muneshige's wife, Tachibana Ginchiyo.
Takakane Hironaka (弘中・隆包 Hironaka Takakane?)
Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese), Andrew Love (English)
Vice-chancellor of Alcalá de Henares and the husband of Fusae Era. He is the head of the academy's baseball club and uses a baseball bat for fighting. He lives on as a ghost having been previously killed during the Battle of Lepanto. He's also the wielder of the Testament Armament Crus Temperantia Vetus.
Fusae Era (江良・房栄 Era Fusae?)
Voiced by: Masumi Asano (Japanese), Amy Bruce (Season 1), Shannon Hill (Season 2) (English)
2nd Special Agent of the Chancellor's Board of Alcalá de Henares and the wife of Takakane Hironaka. Also known as Álvaro de Bazán, she owns the God of War called Michiyukibyakko. She lives on as a ghost having been previously killed during the Battle of Lepanto.
Pedro Valdés (ぺデロ・バルデス Pedero Barudesu?)
Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara (Japanese), Kalob Martinez (Season 1), Mark X. Laskowski (Season 2) (English)
4th Special Agent of the Chancellor's Board of Alcalá de Henares and the older brother of Flores. He fights by pitching baseballs fused with explosives.
Flores Valdés (フローレス・バルデス Furooresu Barudesu?)
Voiced by: Yūko Sanpei (Japanese), Beth Lazarou (Season 1), Brittney Karbowski (Season 2) (English)
5th Special Agent of the Chancellor's Board of Alcalá de Henares and the younger sister of Pedro. She fights by pitching softballs.

K.P.A. Italia[edit]

Innocentius (インノケンティウス Innokentiusu?)
Voiced by: Jōji Nakata (Japanese), Rob Mungle (Season 1), David Matranga (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Pope (教 皇 Kyou Ou?)
The Pope-President of the academy K.P.A. Scuola. He is a highly ambitious leader who intends to expand his power and influence under the pretext of recreating history. He is named after the Pope Innocent X.
Galileo (ガリレオ Garireo?)
Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Koyama (Japanese), Jovan Jackson (Season 1), Patrick Poole (Season 2) (English)
Handle name: Professor (教授 Kyouju?)
An archdevil. He uses Ptolemaic and Copernican theories for his abilities. He was a principal at K.P.A. Scuola in the past. He has become one of his most trusted followers in order to resolve a degenerate world. He is named after the astronomer Galileo Galilei.
Olimpia (オリンピア Orinpia?)
Handle name: Pope’s Little Sister (教皇妹 Kyouou Imouto?)
Innocentius’ younger sister, shown in a brief flash in the last episode of second season during the communication between Innocentius and Galileo.
She’s from a race that “grow old” backward, meaning she started elderly and became a child as she 'aged'.
Dosetsu Tachibana (立花・道雪 Tachibana Dousetsu?)
Handle name: Lightning Cutter (雷切 Kaminari Kiri?)
Gin Tachibana’s father and the former “Peerless Man of the West”. Currently living in a God of War and works for K.P.A. Italia.


Elizabeth (エリザベス Erizabesu?)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)
Handle name: Queen (女王 Jouou?)
The current ruling queen of England and the president of TRUMPS, the chancellor's board and student council of England's Oxford Academy. She is a half-fairy.
Robert Dudley (ロバート・ダッドリー Robāto Daddorī?)
Voiced by: Miho Yamada (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)
Handle name: Vice President (副 長 Fukuchou?)
The vice-chancellor of TRUMPS. She is frail and that causes her to have high blood pressure. The chain around her wrist and ankle is as symbol that she’s being imprisoned, as part of her role as Robert Dudley. She's also the wielder of the Testament Armament Brachium Justitia Novum.
William Cecil (ウイリアム・セシル Uiriamu Seshiru?)
Voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese), Elizabeth Bunch (English)
Handle name: Cecil (セシル Seshiru?)
The student council vice-president of TRUMPS. She has an egg-shaped body and likes to participate in eating contests. Her ability is to restrain an enemy by making it as heavy as her.
Ben Johnson (ベン・ジョンソン Ben Jonson?)
Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka (Japanese), Leraldo Anzaldua (English)
Handle name: Medicinal Poet (薬詩人 Yakushijin?)
The student council secretary of TRUMPS. He is an athlete-poet and heads the academy's literary club.
Thomas Shakespeare (トマス・シェイクスピア Tomasu Sheikusupia?)
Voiced by: Momoko Saito (Japanese), Jessica Boone (English)
Handle name: Eyeglasses (眼 鏡 Megane?)
A student at Oxford Academy and the famous writer in England. She is an elf and owner of the Mortal Sin Armament calle Aspida Phylargis. Having a history with Toussaint, she challenges him during the Musashi's incursion on England, not only forcing him to retreat but afflicting him with the spell "Curse of Macbeth" that would force him to kill Aoi just as Macbeth from Shakespeare's play of the same name killed his king. During their rematch, Toussaint alters the nature of the curse to use it at his favor and defeat Thomas, finally getting on terms with her before she surrenders Aspida Phylargis to him.
Nicholas Bacon (ニコラス・ベーコン Nikorasu Bēkon?)
Voiced by: Yūko Sanpei (Japanese), Clint Bickham (English)
Handle name: Seal Kid (印鑑子 Inbanko?)
Assistant secretary of TRUMPS. A fairy that guarded the state seal of England.
Charles Howard (チャールズ・ハワード Chāruzu Hawādo?)
Voiced by: Ken Narita (Japanese), David Wald (English)
Handle name: Simple Trade (地味商 Jimishou?)
Treasurer of Oxford Academy and 7th in TRUMPS. As treasurer, he’s the owner of the English naval fleet, but because he doesn’t have any ability in battle he settled back to fleet management and let holds the command during battles.
F. Walsingham (F・ウオルシンガム F. Uorushingamu?)
Voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese), Kendall McClellan (English)
Handle name: Guard Dog (番犬 Banken?)
An automaton and student at Oxford Academy, who only speaks in english. She can control gravity.
Francis Drake (フランシス·ドレーク Furanshisu Dorēku?)
Voiced by: Ryota Takeuchi (Japanese), John Gremillion (English)
A werewolf and a member of TRUMPS. He owns the Testament Armament Brachium Justitia Vetus.
John Hawkins (ジョン·ホーキンス Jon Hōkinsu?)
Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (Japanese), Blake Shepard (English)
A member of TRUMPS and the head of the swimming club. He can summon a sphere of water so that he can fight using his underwater combat abilities.
Thomas Cavendish (トーマス·キャベンディッシュ Tōmasu Kyabendisshu?)
Voiced by: Ryoka Yuzuki (Japanese), Wendy Martin (English)
Handle name: Koto Mermaid (琴人魚 Koto ningyou?)
A mermaid and a member of TRUMPS. She is the wife of Hawkins.
Grace O'Malley (グレイス・オマリ Gureisu Omari?)
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Kendall McClellan (English)
Handle name: O'mari (御 鞠 Omari?)
A sea pirate and best friend of Elizabeth. A tree spirit with specialty in healing magic. Captain of the ship Granuaile. She’s married with many children.
Walter Raleigh (ウオルター・ローリー Uorutā Rōrī?)
Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese), Summar Salah (English)
Handle name: Yama ( Mountain?)
An instructor in land-based battle at Oxford Academy. He is a samurai who also goes by the name of Yukimori Yamanaka.
Christopher Hatton (クリストファー·ハットン Kurisutofā Hatton?)
Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese), Andrew Love (English)
Handle name: Death (デス夫 Desu O?)
A kinematic skeleton priest. Has the habit of saying “desu” as “Death”.
Milton (ミルトン Miruton?)
Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara (Japanese), Mark X. Laskowski (English)
A three-legged crow who serves Mary. He is formerly known as Yokomichi.

P.A. ODA[edit]

Nobunaga Oda (織田・信長 Oda Nobunaga?)
The Chancellor and Student Council President of the P.A. ODA academy P.A.M. His physical existence has been hidden in order to prevent the Testament Union from killing him by history recreation.
Katsuie Shibata (柴田・勝家 Shibata Katsuie?)
Handle name: Great Senpai (大先輩?)
Top member of the Five Great Peaks and P.A.O.M. Vice-Chancellor. A mighty demon-type elf, the husband of Oichi(whom he deeply loves) and Nobunaga Oda brother-in-law. Dual-successor of Katsuie Shibata and the Count of Tilly names.
Mitsuhide Akechi (明智・光秀 Akechi Mitsuhide?)
Student Council Vice-President of P.A.M. academy and one of the Five Great Peaks.
Nagahide Niwa (丹羽・長秀 Niwa Nagahide?)
The secretary of P.A. ODA academy P.A.M. and one of the Five Great Peaks.
Toshiie Maeda (前田・利家 Maeda Toshiie?)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Japanese), Blake Shepard (English)
Handle name: You (お前田 Omaeda?)
The treasurer of P.A. ODA academy P.A.M. and one of the Five Great Peaks. He is also known as King Albrecht von Wallenstein.
Matsu (お松 Omatsu?)
Assistant treasurer of P.A. ODA academy. Wife of Toshiie Maeda and a mini ghost girl. Because she’s transformed into an ability, she consume ether all the time to survive and has high upkeep cost.
Narimasa Sassa (佐々・成政 Sassa Narimassa?)
Handle name: Lily (百合花?)
Toshiie Maeda's partner and also owner of the Divine Weapon Israfil. He is also one of the Five Great Peaks. A rude, quick-tempered but also methodical young officer that looks like a delinquent, but acts in accordance to hierarchy. He also inherited the name of Baba Aruj.
Oichi (御市様 Oichi?)
Handle name: O-12 (o-ichi-ni?)
The younger sister of Nobunaga Oda and the wife of Katsuie Shibata. A very competent and calm person with a skill for cooking and a knack for gardening. However, she possesses a "battle switch" of sorts, which transforms her personality into a frightening killing machine when triggered.

Hexagone Français[edit]

Louis Exiv
The Chancellor of École de Paris Academy. He's one of the Eight Great Dragon Kings and possesses the Mortal Sin Armament Phos Kenodoxia. He has divine blood and he's also the wielder of the Testament Armament Corpus Prudentia Vetus.
Turenne (テュレンヌ Tyurennu?)
Handle name: Active Lady (現役娘?)
Vice-chancellor of École de Paris Academy, a werewolf known as Reine de Garou and Nate Mitotsudaira's mother. She wields the Divine Weapon Argent Croix.
Terumoto Mori (毛利・輝元 Mori Terumoto?)
Handle name: A bad girl in former times (元ヤン?)
The Student Council President of École de Paris Academy and Louis Exiv's wife. She is also one of the Eight Great Dragon Kings and possesses the Mortal Sin Armament Phuos Hyperēphania. She's also the wielder of the Testament Armament Corpus Prudentia Novum. Sometimes she hits her husband because he goes naked all the time.
Anne D'Autriche
A student of École de Paris Academy, Hexagone Française’s previous chancellor and student council president. Louis Exiv’s younger sister.
Luynes (リュイヌ Ryuinu?)
Handle name: Dragon Dog (竜犬?)
An automaton, Anne's aide and the Student Council Vice-President of École de Paris Academy.


Yoshitsune Kurou Minamoto (源・九郎・義経 Minamoto Kurou Yoshitsune?)
A full-blooded elf and Chancellor and Student Council President of Jueluo Academy. Despite her young appearance, she is actually a person who already has three digits worth of history behind her, only second to the Emperor himself. She also inherited the names of Kublai Khan and Shingen Takeda.
Yoshiyori Satomi (里見・義頼 Satomi Yoshiyori?)
Handle name: Yatsufusa (八房?)
The chancellor and leader of Satomi Academy, one of the academies of Qing-Takeda. A kind-hearted peaceful man with a compassionate smile who wants to prevent the meaningless deaths caused by the Testament Union and its History Recreation.
Yoshiyasu Satomi (里見・義康 Satomi Yoshiyasu?)
Handle name: Justice (?)
The Student Council President of Satomi Academy. A very serious and obstinate young elf girl with a serious sense of duty and responsibility, she is Yoshiyori's "Little Sister". She pilots the God of War: Justice.

Union of Indian States[edit]

Ujinao Houjou (北条・氏直 Hōjō Ujinao?)
The Chancellor and Student Council President of the Sanadawara Academy. She used to be an elf, but due to health problems her soul was transferred to an automaton. She uses giant gravity swords as her weapon of choice. She likes Noriki, despite his antisocial appearance.


Chancellor and Student Council President of A.H.R.R.S., who also wields the Mortal Sin Armament Pheugos Gastrimargia.
Hideyoshi Toukichirou Hashiba (羽柴・藤吉郎・秀吉 Hashiba Toukichirou Hideyoshi?)
A student of P.A.O.M. and Student Council Vice President of M.H.R.R. She is also ranked sixth in P.A. ODA's Five Great Peaks. An automaton with a petite build that resembles a young girl, her face is occluded by a monkey mask. She also inherited the name of Melchior Klesl.
Tomoe Gozen (巴御前 Gozen Tomoe?)
Handle name: Gozen sama (午前様 Gozen sama?)
The Student Council Secretary of A.H.R.R.S. A Demon-type elf and the wielder of the Testament Arma Animus Caritas Vetus. She also inherited the name of Martin Luther.

Sibir Interior State[edit]

Masamune Date (伊達・政宗 Date Masamune?)
The Chancellor and Student Council President of the Sendai Date Academy. She is also a daughter of a dragon.
Narumi Date (伊達・成実 Date Narumi?)
Handle name: Indomitable (不退転?)
Vice-Chancellor of the Sendai Date Academy. She is cool and mature. But she isn't so diplomatic. She has prosthetic arms and legs. These arms can be summoned and exchanged immediately when she fight.
Yoshiaki Mogami (最上・義光 Mogami Yoshiaki?)
A half-fox and head of the Mogami Family, acting as its Chancellor and Student Council President. She owns the flying ship Yamagatajou. She is also the owner of the Divine Weapon Onikiri.

Sviet Rus[edit]

Kagekatsu Uesugi (上杉・景勝 Uesugi Kagekatsu?)
The Chancellor of J.M.K academy.He also inherited the names of Ivan the Terrible
Kanetsugu Naoe (直江・兼続 Naoe Kanetsugu?)
The Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President of the Student Council of J.M.K. academy.
Shigenaga Honjou (本庄 繁長 Honjō Shigenaga?)
3rd Special Unit of J.M.K. academy.
Marfa Boretskaya
The Mayor of Novgorod, she's also one of the Eight Dragon Kings, wielding the Mortal Sin Armament Maska Orgē, who later gives it back to Horizon.


General terms[edit]

A history book that records the history of the former earth. To ensure mankind's eventual return to space, the original History is recreated by reenacting its main events in the chronological order with selected individuals reprising the role of historical figures of said events. For some reason the recreation of History is halted in 1648 with the last event predicted to be reenacted being the Peace of Westphalia. There are rumors that this occurs because the apocalypse is set to happen after these particular events. In these events, the Far East currently play a neutral role as by that time in the original History, Japan was under the Shogunate of Tokugawa, isolated from the rest of world, thus having little to no participation at all in events occurring overseas.
Harmonic Divine States
Administrative divisions ruled by different countries in the Testament era. The Harmonic Divine States are the Far East (ruled by Japan), Tres España (Spain and Portugal), K.P.A. Italia (Italy), Hexagone Française (France), England, Qing-Takeda (China), Sviet Rus (Russia), P.A. ODA (Ottoman Empire), M.H.R.R. (Holy Roman Empire), United States of India and the Africa Union. Several areas were left undeveloped by purpose to be occupied in the future as the recreation of History continues, like the New Continent (Americas).
A miniature contractor god that can enhance the user's fighting capabilities.
Divine Transmission (通神 Tsūshin?)
The way of wireless communication in this era. It's a pun with the word 通信 (Tsūshin?), which means communication.
Haiki (拝気?)
The energy used to use abilities in the series.
Ether (流体 Ryūtai?)
The basic substance that gives form to all existence. Mankind at that point is advanced enough to harness the Ether itself and use it as energy source and to construct materials directly from it. It is believed that the impending apocalypse is to be caused by a strange phenomena that recently appeared that consumes all Ether it comes in contact with and upon taking heed of it, the Harmonic Divine States start working together to keep it from spreading, to the point of sharing all research they make about it.


Armaments (武装 Busō?) are technology used in this era.


A quasi-behemoth-class ship. Composed of eight individual ships, it essentially serves as a flying city and also as an independent territory of the same name. Overall managed by an automaton of the same name with eight automatons that compromise the other ships under her.
Asakusa : First port ship. Freighter ship with four derricks installed.
Murayama : Second port ship. Serves as the administration, diplomacy, and tourism sections of the Musashi.
Oume : Third port ship. Contains Musashi's residential and industrial areas.
Shinagawa : First starboard ship. Same as Asakusa.
Tama : Second starboard ship. Same as Murayama.
Takao : Third starboard ship. Same as Oume.
Musashino : Center leading ship. Holds the "Inadequate HQ" command center of Musashi.
Okutama : Center trailing ship. Holds the Musashi Ariadust Academy, student dormitories, as well as the Remorse Way.

God of War[edit]

A God of War (武神 Bushin?) is a gigantic mechanized unit controlled by either the pilot (as data through disintegration) or through remote. Mass-produced or custom-built, these units can replicate human reaction times in real-time, therefore making it the most superior among all mechanized units. The Gods of War are classified based on their overall weight (i.e. light, medium, and heavy).


Divine Armaments[edit]
Divine Armaments (神格武装 Shinkaku Busō?) are the general weapons with abilities. They have 2 activations: Normal Activation (通常駆動 Tsūjō Kudō?) and Superior Activation (上位駆動 Jōi Kudō?). They have an ether limit which needs to be filled when empty and thus prevents them to constantly use high level activations.
Tonbokiri (蜻蛉切?)
Normal Activation: Cut anything physical reflected by the blade
Superior Activation: Cut the concept imagined by the user

Tadakatsu Honda's Divine Armament, before his end he gave it to Gin which later she gave to Futayo.

Argent Chaîné (銀鎖 (アルジョント・シエイナ)?)
Normal Activation:
Superior Activation:

Mitotsudaira's Divine Armament, it has a consciousness and will act by itself if Mitotsudaira is in danger. When it wants to express its feelings it uses the chains to shape out words.

Mortal Sin Armaments[edit]
Mortal Sin Armaments (大罪武装 Taizai Busō?), known as Logismoi Óplo (Greek: Λογισμοι όπλο; Japanese: ロイズモイ・オプロ, Roizumoi Opuro) are weapons of destructive power, powered by the power of sins. They are made using Horizon's emotions, thus stripping most of Horizon's personality by the completion, with only the feeling of envy left. They have Normal Activation like Divine Armaments, but instead of Superior Activation they have Overdrive Activation (超過駆動 Chōka Kudō?). In addition, all Mortal Sin Armaments have another activation called Soul Activation (魂の駆動 Tamashii no Kudō?), which is only limited for Horizon to use. However, to use Soul Activation, she will need Tori's ability. Reclaiming all of them is Musashi's goal of the series. As of volume 4C of the novel, Horizon has 3 in possession, with the exception of Olos Phtonos. The user of any Mortal Sin Armaments are referred as Eight Great Dragon Kings (八大竜王 Hachidai Ryūō?), with the exception of Horizon.
Lypē Katathlipsē (リピ・カタスリプシ Ripi Katasuripushi?) (Greek: Λύπη Κατάθλιψη; Japanese: 悲嘆の怠惰, Hitan no Taida)
Motif: Anguish (part of sloth)
Normal Activation: Cut anything reflected by the blade
Overdrive Activation: Destroys anything 3km in front of its cannon blast (wheel-like).

A gunblade-type armament used by Muneshige Tachibana of Tres España. It was recovered by Futayo when she defeated Muneshige.

Stithos Porneia (ステイソス・ポルネイア Suteinsu Poruneia?) (Greek: Στήθος Πορνεία, Breast of Lustfulness; Japanese: 淫蕩の御身, Intō no Onmi (Embodiment of Lust))
Motif: Lust
Normal Activation: Anything it touches with an attacking will are neutralized. Also dismantles weapon type armaments.
Overdrive Activation: Same as Normal Activation, but affects everything within a 3 km radius.

A mace type armament used by Galileo and Innocentius of K.P.A. Italia. Tori was disappointed that he couldn't recover this when Innocentius fled.

Akēdia Katathlipsē (アーケデイア・カタスリプシ Akedeia Katasuripushi?) (Greek: Ακηδία Κατάθλιψη; Japanese: 嫌気の怠惰, Iyake no Taida)
Motif: Dejection (part of sloth)
Normal Activation: Unknown
Overdrive Activation: Binds the opponents to the part/s of themselves that they dislike about the most.

A longsword-type armament used by Juana of Tres España.

Aspida Phylargia (アスピザ・フィラルジア Asupiza Firarujia?) (Greek: Ασπίδα Φιλαργυρία, Shield of Avarice; Japanese: 拒絶の強欲, Kyozetsu no Gōyoku (Avarice of Rejection))
Motif: Greed
Normal Activation: Defense
Overdrive Activation: Transfer the pain inflicted onto the user into ether

A shield type armament used by Thomas Shakespeare of England. Later recovered by Toussaint Neshinbara.

Phos Hyperēphania (フオス・ハイペリファニア Fuosu Haiperifania?) (Greek: Φως Ὑπερηφανία; Japanese: 傲慢の光臨, Gōman no Kōrin)
Motif: Pride
Normal Activation: The user is invincible as long the user continues to be full of pride upon activation

A twin club type armament used by Louis XIV of Hexagone Francaise. It does not have an Overdrive Activation because the motif was split in two, weakening the power of the weapon.

Phos Kenodoxia (フオス・ケノドクシア Fuosu Kenodokusia?) (Greek: Φως Κενοδοξία; Japanese: 虚栄の降臨, Kyoei no Kōrin)
Motif: Vanity (Part of Pride)
Normal Activation: The user has unlimited defense as long the user continues to be full of vanity upon activation

A backsword type armament used by Terumoto Mouri of Hexagone Francaise. She battles together with her husband Louis XIV due to the nature of their armaments.

Pheugos Gastrimargia (フイオゴス・ガストリマルジア Fuiogosu Gasutorimarujia?) (Greek: Φεύγως Γαστριμαργία, Abandoning Gluttony; Japanese: 飽食の一撃, Hōshoku no Ichigeki)
Motif: Gluttony
Normal Activation: Unknown
Overdrive Activation: Unknown

A crossbow type armament used by Matias of M.H.R.R. While its activations are unknown, its arrows can overload the opponent's armament causing it to explode. Matias destroyed Futayo's Tonbokiri using this.

Maska Orgē (マスカ・オルジィ Masuka Orujii?) (Greek: Μάσκα Οργή; Japanese: 憤怒の閃撃, Funnu no Sengeki)
Motif: Wrath
Normal Activation: Unknown
Overdrive Activation: Unknown

A bow type armament used by Malfa Volekaya of Svet Russia. Its activations are unknown, but the user can create arrows powered by the user's wrath to strike an opponent in the heart. Unlike Pheugos Gastrimargia, which can hit multiple opponents at the same time, Maska Orge can only attack one target at a time. Later on Malfa returned this armament to Horizon.

Ólos Phthonos (オロス・フトノース Orosu Futonosu?) (Greek: Όλος Φθόνος, Entirety of Yearning; Japanese: 焦がれの全域, Kogare no Zen'iki)
Motif: Envy
Normal Activation: Enables the user to use Mortal Sin Armaments at 100% power (Soul Activation)

An OS type armament belongs to Horizon Ariadust of Musashi. Horizon's soul and automaton body are bound to this armament. The model number of this OS is Phtonos-01s (フトノースゼロワンエス?), which was shortened to P-01s before Horizon's real identity was revealed.

Testament's Apparent Armament[edit]
Testament's Apparent Armament (聖譜顕装 (テスタメンタ・アルマ) Seifu Kensō?, Tesutamenta Aruma)
Summit 5 Use Armament[edit]
Summit 5 Use Armament (五大頂専用武装?) are Armanents that can be used only by P.A.Oda's Summit 5.


Light novels[edit]

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere began as serial light novel series run in Dengeki Bunko Magazine in 2008. Fifteen compilation volumes covering six separate arcs have been published by ASCII Media Works' imprint Dengeki Bunko. In 2012, it was #13 in the 2012 ranking of top-selling light novels by series with 409,949 estimated copies sold.[2]


A manga adaptation illustrated by Hideo Takenaka begin serialization in the October 2011 issue of ASCII Media Works' manga magazine Dengeki Daioh. A second, four-panel comic strip manga, illustrated by Kuraun Hani and titled Kyōkaisen-jō no Horako-san (境界線上のホラ子さん?), was serialized in between the January 2012 and November 2012 issues of ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine.


A videogame adaptation for Playstation Portable was developed by Tenky and released in Japan on April 25, 2013. The game is an RPG, the story will be partially based on the anime and the novels but will also include an original scenario, with more than 80 characters from both the media making an appearance. The game in its first week after the launch, sold more than 26,000 copies.[3]


An anime television series based on the light novel was announced in the March 2011 issue of Dengeki Bunko Magazine. Produced by Sunrise, the anime series debuted in Japan on October 1, 2011.[4] The series has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America and was simulcasted through the Anime Network on October 4, 2011, followed by a home video release in 2012.[5] Sentai has also licensed the second season for streaming and home video release in 2013. The opening theme song for the first season is "TERMINATED" by Minori Chihara. The first ending theme used is "Pieces -Side Ariadust-" by AiRI and the second ending theme used is "Stardust Melodia -Side Horizon-" by Ceui. For the second season, the opening theme is "ZONE//ALONE" by Minori Chihara. The first ending theme is "Kanashimi wa Dare no Negai Demonai -Side Sunset-" (悲しみは誰の願いデモナイ -Side Sunset-?) by Aira Yūki and the second ending theme is "Sora no Uta -Side Sunrise-" (空の詩 -Side Sunrise-?) by Masami Okui.[6]

Episode list[edit]

First season[edit]
No. Title Original airdate
01 "Those Lined Up Before the Horizon"
"Kyōkai-sen Mae no Seiretsu-sha-tachi" (境界線前の整列者達) 
October 1, 2011[7]
It is the year 1648 of the Testament Era. Aboard the Far East's massive ship Musashi, the students of the Musashi Ariadust Academy are challenged by their homeroom teacher Makiko Oriotorai to land a hit on her before she reaches her office across town. Despite all of their advanced skills and unique efforts, none of them succeed. At the end of the race, the class president Tori Aoi, one with a raunchy personality, arrives to reveal that he will propose his love to his childhood friend Horizon Ariadust, which confuses his classmates as she had officially died ten years before. 
02 "Innocents at the Table"
"Shokujiba no Seijun-sha" (食事場の清純者) 
October 8, 2011[7]
The students learn about Far East's history during class. This is the same day that Masazumi Honda will enter the academy. At her mother's tombstone, Masazumi has an encounter with an android known as P-01s. She explains to P-01s that she underwent a partial sex change surgery in order to inherit her family name. As the Musashi docks at the city of Mikawa, Tori keeps discussing with his classmates about the proper way to confess his feelings to Horizon. However, this gets out of hand when he wants to be able to grope her breasts when meeting her. 
03 "Commandos In Town"
"Machinaka no Yūgeki-shu" (街中の遊撃手) 
October 15, 2011[7]
Much of the students make preparations for a party by Tori's request. Masazumi is assigned to room with Miriam Poqou, a disabled academy student. Kimi Aoi watches over her brother Tori, who seems to be frightened by Horizon's place of death. Margot Naito, who is talking with Malga Naruze, gives Masazumi a packaged video game to deliver it to Tori. In the woods, Masazumi hears from her father about the tragedy that befell Horizon and the remorse that impacted Tori ten years past. Meanwhile, the Musashi is approached by ships from K.P.A. Italia and Trés España, two of the Harmonic Divine States with unknown intentions. The students stay at the academy overnight to exorcise any spirits within the area. 
04 "Covert Ops Under the Night Sky"
"Yaten-ka no An'yaku-sha" (夜天下の暗躍者) 
October 22, 2011[7]
Tadatsugu Sakai, the Musashi Ariadust Academy President, is introduced to Futayo Honda, colonel of the Mikawa Guard, offering her to attend his academy soon. During the time when the students stay at the academy overnight, Sakai finds out that Yasumasa Sakaibara is found dead inside his house. With all of its inhabitants evacuated, Tadakatsu Honda and Lord Montonobu Matsudaira have started a meltdown to destroy the city of Mikawa, code-named the Genesis Project. This prompts the forces of Trés España to attack them in response. Nonetheless, Kazuno, Tadakatsu's android maid, takes out the forces unaided. 
05 "Graduates Under the Moon"
"Gekka no Sotsugyō-sha" (月下の卒業者) 
October 29, 2011
Muneshige Tachibana of Trés España confronts Tadakatsu with his Mortal Sin Armament, the Lypē Katathlipsē. As the earth pulse reactor heightens, Monotobu reveals that he put Horizon's soul into an android body called P-01s, which has the ninth Deadly Sin Armament, Ólos Phthonos, containing envy. Muneshige fails to prevent the city of Mikawa from being obliterated when he is stabbed in the chest by Tadakatsu's weapon, the Slicing Dragonfly. In the end, only Monotobu and Tadakatsu perish in the explosion. Meanwhile, the forces of K.P.A. Italia board the Musashi and capture P-01s, confirmed to be Horizon herself. 
06 "Advocate at the Confession Grounds"
"Kokuhaku-ba no Daiben-shu" (告白場の代弁手) 
November 5, 2011
Gin Tachibana previously retrieved Muneshige after he was stabbed in the chest, bringing him to the hospital to be treated. Pope Innocentius of K.P.A. Italia, the Testament Union president, declares that Horizon is to be executed for illegal possession of one of the Mortal Sin Armaments and to take responsibility for the destruction of Mikawa. Heidi Augesvarer discusses with the other students of Musashi what course of action they must take in regard to it, concluding that they must first ally with Masazumi. Muneshige and Gin gives Futayo her father's Slicing Dragonfly as proof of his death. Tomo Asama reads aloud an essay written by Suzu Mukai, who talks about how she first met Tori and Horizon on the day of the welcome ceremony and how they helped her climb the staircase due to her blindness. After hearing this story himself, this gives Tori the motivation to devise a plan to save Horizon. 
07 "Musashi's Knight"
"Musashi no Kishi" (武蔵の騎士) 
November 12, 2011
After deciding to rescue Horizon by their own efforts, the students are confronted by Masazumi, who opposes the idea, along with her classmates Nate Argenté Loup Mitotsudaira and Naomasa. Both sides agree to solve the matter in a series of three one-on-one matches. In the first match, Naomasa is defeated by the council accountant Shirojiro Bertoni, who overcomes her God of War with his money-related abilities. The second match pits Mitotsudaira against her friend Suzu, and she accidentally wins when Suzu trips and falls into her arms. The final match, a debate between Tori and Masazumi, has a surprising outcome when he manages to turn the rules of the discussion against her. 
08 "Ruler of the Land"
"Zen'iki no Shiji-sha" (全域の支持者) 
November 19, 2011
With no way to continue the debate according to the established rules, Tori and his friends try to convince Masazumi to join their cause, claiming that they can take the opportunity not only to rescue Horizon, but to obtain independence from the Harmonic States. Tired of just watching the situation, Innocentius tells Masazumi that must reach an peaceful agreement first. She plans to gather all finances into one management and issue a shrine protest for an informal reevaluation of the situation. However, the pope puts her in a situation to choose between admitting defeat or waging war. After Tori has given his full support to Masazumi, she officially declares independence. Soon after, Innocentius order his aide Galileo to attack the students, using his Mortal Sin Armament, Stithos Porneia. Fortunately, Futayo intervenes at the last second. 
09 "The Summit's Flower"
"Takane no Hana" (高嶺の花) 
November 26, 2011
Yoshinao, the king of Musashi, arrives on the scene and orders Innocentius to stop interfering, thus the pope orders Galileo to retreat. With the debate between Tori and Masazumi considered a draw, the decision to take arms and rescue Horizon is finally settled in a final match between Futayo and Kimi. Being an expert in erotic dancing, Kimi has Futayo confused from her attacks. Tomo explains that after Horizon died ten years ago, Kimi snapped Tori out of depression by beating him up until he cried out his remaining tears. Kimi slaps Futayo for not understanding the importance of saving Horizon. With Kimi winning the debate, Yoshinao promises that he will appoint Horizon and Tori as viceroys. However, Innocentius still plans to extract the Moral Sin Armaments out of Horizon after she is executed. As Oriotorai declares the Musashi as the victor of the debate, the students set off to rescue Horizon. 
10 "The Trumpeter at the Start Line"
"Sutātorain no Rappafuki" (スタートラインのラッパ吹き) 
December 3, 2011
Toussaint Neshinbara will be in charge of the battle strategy of attack for the Musashi. Behind the gate is the combined forces of K.P.A. Italia on the ground and Trés España in the sky. Adéle Balfette operates an armored God of War capable of withstanding missiles shot from the K.P.A. Italia. Persona uses her as a shield to advance the Musashi closer to their destination. Tomo fires a powerful bow and arrow to take out one of the Trés España airships. Margot and Malga use their enhanced witch powers to take out an airborne God of War. Margot is soon blasted by the God of War, but, as she regains consciousness, she destroys it in one blow. 
11 "Musashi's Mr. Impossible"
"Musashi no Fukanō Otoko" (武蔵の不可能男) 
December 10, 2011
As it seems that the K.P.A. Italia soldiers have the Musashi warriors cornered, Mitotsudaira and Naomasa join in the battle against the enemies. Innocentius gains the upper hand when he activates the Stithos Porneia, disabling all his opponents' weapons and rendering them useless. Tori comes with a way for Tomo to harness a portion of the Musashi's energy supply and make use of it to power up his companions and start a counterattack. Masazumi challenges Innocentius to a duel, which in turn cancels the power of the Stithos Porneia, but he later realizes her bluff and orders his men to fight once more. Noriki faces off against Galileo. Nevertheless, Galileo's theory-themed abilities are no match against Noriki's fist punches. Futayo encounters Muneshige in the forest, and they engage in a fierce battle, only for her to be defeated by his speed attacks. 
12 "Opposition Against Crossing Over the Parallel Lines"
"Heikōksen-jō eno Aitai-sha" (平行線上への相対者) 
December 17, 2011
Muneshige gains the opportunity to end the conflict when he is about to take down the Musashi with a direct shot, but Futayo, rises up again, managing to defeat him for good and confiscating Lypē Katathlipsē, causing the Trés España forces to fall back. Meanwhile, Tori manages to reach Horizon at a holographic barrier, but she claims that he should not risk the future of the Far East just for her sake, and the two has a long discussion about it. Even though he confesses his love for her, Horizon concludes that she is inversely parallel to Tori, stating that she has perfect judgment of thought rather than of emotion, but he convinces her that she is a human being. He later accidentally passes his hand through the barrier and touches her, and the two enter into the memory leading up to her childhood death. As they both begin to disintegrate, they reach out their hands in agreement of affection, breaking free from the barrier and making it out alive. 
13 "Those Lined Up Above the Horizon"
"Kyōkaisen-jō no Seiretsu-sha-tachi" (境界線上の整列者達) 
December 24, 2011
Horizon is officially being enrolled in Musashi Ariadust Academy. Mitotsudaira launches Nenji from the supply ship and transforms into a hand to grab Tori and Horizon back onto the ship. However, Innocentius plays one last card to defeat them, having a warship attack one of the academy's supply ship. Horizon, alongside Tori, takes possession of Lypē Katathlipsē and make use of its full power to stop the warship, forcing the pope to retreat. Horizon has regained her state of mind, aware that her emotions are within her. Afterwards, the students celebrate their victory on their ship at night. The next morning, the Trés España airships make an attempted assault on the Musashi, yet all the students manage to fend them off. 
Second season[edit]
No. Title Original air date
01 "Members of the Vermilion Grounds"
"Ake no Ba no Buin-tachi" (朱の場の部員達) 
July 7, 2012
As the students of Musashi continue to fend off the Tres España forces, it is revealed that Gin Tachibana is responsible for leading the Tres España forces to attack the Musashi, all to avenge her husband's defeat. To escape the vicious attack of the Tres España forces, the Musashi sets course to the territorial waters of England. However, as the English have a neutral position in the conflict between the Far East and the Testament Union, the England forces are send to fight the Musashi to prevent them from reaching port. 
02 "Herald on the Stage"
"Butai-jō no Senkoku-sha" (舞台上の宣告者) 
July 14, 2012
Toussaint Neshinbara confronts Thomas Shakespeare using playwright abilities, but Shakespeare defends herself using his Mortal Sins Armament, Aspida Phylargis, putting a curse on Toussaint, which emits a greenish light from his hand. Toussaint orders to have the Musashi orbiting around England and crashing onto the shore, looking for an excuse to let the England provide them asylum. As Tenzo Crossunite saves some civilians from being crushed by one of Musashi's supply ships, he comes across a strange cloaked figure whom he also protects from harm. At an orphanage, Gin speaks with Juana about her trust with Felipe Segundo, who she claims to have lost his reason to life. Later that night, Segundo, walking inside a room, spills a box of letters while Juana is asleep, and Gin mistakes him to be caressing Juana when he grabs some letters that were attached to her. Segundo reads a letter written by a young girl whom he once saved her life during a war long ago, and it is hinted that it was written by Juana. 
03 "Those Descending to the Surface"
"Do Jō no Kudari-mono" (土上の下り者) 
July 21, 2012
On his way to clean the cemetery, Tenzo chances upon the stranger he once met before. Segundo tells Gin that Muneshige Tachibana has been stripped of his title because of Juana. As Tenzo provides aid to the stranger by gathering swords to be piled, the stranger trips and falls, tearing the cloak, accidentally discovered to be Scarred, a beautiful woman with several scars around her body. Having successfully taken refuge on England, Shirojiro Bertoni, accompanied by Heidi Augesvarer, engages in negotiations with English treasurer Charles Howard looking for a way for the deal to not be seen as an act of treason by the Testament Union. Shirojiro suggests to prepare and hold a meat festival, and Howard gives in to agree to thirteen days. Suzu Mukai and Adéle Balfette are respectively requested to be the diplomat and bodyguard to represent the Far East. 
04 "Ruler of the Theatre"
"Gekijou no Shihaisha" (劇場の支配者) 
July 28, 2012
With the initial negotiations with England finished, the students of Musashi have a barbecue party. Tenzo attends the festivities accompanied by Scarred, but concealing her identity from the others. Tenzo and Scarred go to the hot spring alone together, though Tenzo is hesitant to join her. Meanwhile, Tori Aoi and Horizon Ariadust resume their discussion about his motives to stand against the Testament Union and why he is so determined to gather the other Mortal Sin Armaments and have her reclaim her lost emotions. Scarred realizes that if she has used her spell on the cargo ship, it would have reflected back to the civilians. As the festival organized by the students of the Far East and England begins, Thomas returns and challenges Toussaint to another match. 
05 "The Hunting Ground's Humanitarians"
"Ryouba no Jindoushugisha" (猟場の人道主義者) 
August 4, 2012
Some members of Oxford Academy challenge some students of Musashi Academy in a series of hidden duels as part of the queen's plan to put them under her mercy. Oblivious to the events surrounding them, Tori and Horizon enjoy the festival together while Mary shows Tenzo around the capital. Both Kiyonari Ulquiaga and Margot Naito manage to defeat and break through the dimensional barriers respectively set by Nicholas Bacon and John Hawkins. However, when Malga Naruze is overpowered by Francis Drake, Gin appears and takes over the match. 
06 "The Man and Woman in the Plaza"
"Hiroba no Danjou" (広場の男女) 
August 11, 2012
Nate Argenté Loup Mitotsudaira is brutally injured in her battle against F. Walsingham. Gin successfully defeats Drake by the use of a banana peel slip, and Kimi Aoi later retrieves Malga. Shakespeare confronts Toussaint about the promise he made to her during their childhood days to become well-known writers when they grow up. Masazumi Honda is being chased by Christopher Hatton and his army of skeletons, but Tomo Asama luckily finds and rescues her. Tori believes that Horizon has acquired positive emotions to negate the feelings of sorrow she goes through. Tenzo comes across another girl with a striking resemblance to Scarred. 
07 "Storyteller in the Hall"
"Hiroma no Kataribe" (広間の語り部) 
August 18, 2012
Scarred is revealed to be Mary, the one who has been sentenced to death at the Tower of London on account of murder, and the other girl is realized as Queen Elizabeth, the twin sister of Mary. Later that day, some students of Musashi have an audience with Elizabeth, who intends to have them fight for England's sake in the impending naval battle against Tres España. Masazumi has a heated debate with the queen regarding this and other matters. She explains that Musashi needs to collect the Mortal Sin Armaments beforehand, convincing a trade alliance with England to fix history from collapsing. The debate is soon interrupted by Gin of Tres España, along with her envoy Diego Velázquez
08 "The Decision Maker on High"
"Kousho no Ketteisha" (高所の決定者) 
August 25, 2012
Toshiee Maeda from P.A. ODA suddenly appears and threatens to make use of his abilities to destroy the Musashi. Even though that Mary should be executed if it is meant to fulfill history, Tori plans to save Mary so Horizon can understand human emotions better. Masazumi proposes to have the Musashi take the place of the English navy in the battle with Tres España. Maeda leaves after he sees that Masazumi has never been to Avalon. The queen later brings Masazumi to Avalon, revealing the nature of the strange phenomena rumored to bring the apocalypse on the entire world is caused by remnants of her past. Tenzo plans to save Mary from execution, much to Tori's amazement, and even King Yoshinao gives his support in this. 
09 "One Parting Under the Night Sky"
"Yozora no Betsurisha" (夜空の別離者) 
September 1, 2012
As the festival comes to a close, some of the students of Musashi join Tenzou's effort to stop Mary's execution, aside from Horizon's absence of emotions, while the rest of the students stay behind to battle against the Tres España armada. Adéle says that the Musashi will circle around England, engaging in four battles against the Tres España. However, the armada splits into two groups, one heading towards England and the other retreating back to Tres España. However, this was just a ruse for the Tres España to attack the Musashi from both sides, yet the Musashi manages to fend off the Tres España to have them fall back. 
10 "Howler at the Theatre"
"Gekijou no Houkousha" (劇場の咆哮者) 
September 8, 2012
As Malga protects Tenzo from Robert Dudley and William Cecil, Kimi Aoi arrives to assist her and confronting them to open a way for Tenzo to reach Mary. Segundo reveals his master plan to keep his country's navy relatively intact by using his previous depleted army from the Battle of Lepanto several years earlier in a suicide run against Musashi. Toussaint takes the opportunity to settle his unfinished business with Shakespeare. Masazumi, being chased by Hatton and his army of skeletons, is saved by the help of Tomo once again. Mitotsudaira engages in battle with Walsingham, and this time manage to defeat her. The Musashi disconnects all eight of its cargo ships to attack the Tres España head on. Toussaint reverses the curse from his hand by altering the script of the play, taking the Aspida Phylargia away from her and making peace with one another. 
11 "Successful Candidate in the Flower Garden"
"Hanabatake no Goukakusha" (花畑の合格者) 
September 15, 2012
After getting past Walter Raleigh, Tenzo finally reaches Mary. Malga and Kimi overpower Dudley and Cecil in their match. Tenzo convinces Mary to give up on the idea of being sacrificed in order to restore the reenactment of history. Tenzo revives England's legendary sword Excalibur Caliburn, which is revealed to contain another set of swords called Excallibur Collbrande, with the Elizabeth receiving the first and Mary the latter. As Tenzou flees with Mary after proposing to her, the students of Musashi Academy brings their full attention to the naval battle, where Juana returns to rescue Segundo and attempt to take the upper hand. 
12 "Where the One Scarred by Swords Belongs"
"Ibasho no Ninjou-mochi" (居場所の刃傷持ち) 
September 22, 2012
Gin, irritated upon hearing that Futayo Honda made love to Muneshige fifty times in the past, confronts Futayo, looking to restore the honor of her husband. Noriki, facing Pedro Valdés and Flores Valdés, finds a way to send back the fireballs thrown at him. When the computer screens of Musashi's ship are disabled, Suzu uses her sensory abilities to transmit visual data into sound in order to perceive the flight path of the ship. Shirojiro is up against Takakane Hironaka, who uses his baseball bat to counteract against Shirojiro's coin attacks, but this proves difficult when the coins flood a cargo ship. Mitotsudaira and Walsingham help Shirojiro defeat Takakane, sending him off the cargo ship. Fusae Era is intervened by Naomasa, and the two fight to the finish in their Gods of War, in which Naomasa sends Fusae plummeting off the ship as well. Gin, nostalgic of her sword fight with Muneshige when she was younger, loses against Futayo in their match. 
13 "The Greedy Ones who Cross Borders"
"Sakai-watari no Yokubukimono-tachi" (境渡りの欲深き者達) 
September 29, 2012
Margot and Malga take out a raid of Tres España airships. Much to Segundo and Juana's surprise, Adéle has the main Musashi ship do an aerial back flip to attack the main Tres España ship from behind. The naval battle finally reaches a conclusion when Tori and Horizon join the fight assisted by the Aspida Philargia, and Tenzo and Mary activate the Excallibur Collbrande to seal the victory for the Musashi forces. After the battle, Mary starts living with Tenzo at the Musashi Academy, while Gin and Muneshige, stripped of their titles, decide to join the academy as well. 


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