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Horizons: Software Starter Pack cassette

Horizons: Software Starter Pack is a software compilation for the ZX Spectrum, designed by Psion Software Ltd and published by Sinclair Research Ltd in 1982.[1]

It was not released on its own, but came bundled with new ZX Spectrums.[2] Side A of the cassette tape contains lessons and tutorials pertaining to the Spectrum and Side B contains eight programmes written in BASIC. It was considered a good companion to the Spectrum manual.[3]

Side A contents[edit]

Side A contains six separately-loading tutorials. The first is an overview of the Spectrum hardware. Programmes 2 to 5 are specific computing lessons. The final programme is a glossary of ZX Spectrum BASIC keywords.

Side B contents[edit]

Side B contains eight programmes written in BASIC.

  1. Thro' the Wall is a Breakout clone[4] which, while basic, was described as very addictive.[3]
  2. Bubblesort is an implementation of the bubble sort sorting algorithm.
  3. Evolution is a mathematical model of a simplified ecosystem of foxes and rabbits using the Lotka-Volterra equations.
  4. Life is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life.
  5. Draw is a basic object-based drawing utility.
  6. Monte Carlo is a simulation of the repeated rolling of two dice which graphs the expected and observed probability distribution.
  7. Character Generator is a utility for editing the ZX Spectrum UDGs (user defined graphics).[5]
  8. Beating of Waves plots the sum of two sine waves.


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