Hormizd VI

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Hormizd VI
King of kings of Iran and Aniran
Coin of Hormizd VI
Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire
PredecessorShapur-i Shahrvaraz
SuccessorYazdegerd III

Hormizd VI (Middle Persian: 𐭠𐭥𐭧𐭥𐭬𐭦𐭣‎) was a Sasanian prince, who was proclaimed king in Nisibis by the troops of prominent Sasanian general and usurper Shahrbaraz after the latter's son Shapur-i Shahrvaraz was deposed by another powerful magnate, Farrukh Hormizd, who raised the Sasanian princess Azarmidokht to the throne in Ctesiphon. Hormizd VI was one of the many pretenders who rose during the civil war that ensued after the overthrow and execution of his grandfather Khosrow II (r. 590–628) in 628. He maintained himself about two years in Nisibis, until he was overthrown by the same troops who had previously supported him. Yazdegerd III, another grandson of Khosrow II, with the support of the nobles, succeeded in becoming the sole rule of the empire.[1]


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Hormizd VI
Preceded by
Shapur-i Shahrvaraz
King of kings of Iran and Aniran
Succeeded by
Yazdegerd III