Horn, Netherlands

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Coordinates: 51°13′N 5°57′E / 51.217°N 5.950°E / 51.217; 5.950

This article is about the village in Limburg, Nretherlands. There is also a hamlet called Horn in Stede Broec.
Coat of arms of Horn
Coat of arms
Location of Horn
Country Netherlands
Province Limburg
Municipality Leudal
Population (1 January 2006) 3,990
Major roads N273, N280, Lateraalkanaal

Horn is a town in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is a part of the municipality of Leudal, and lies about 5 km northwest of Roermond.

In 2001, Horn had 3485 inhabitants. The built-up area of the town was 1.09 km² and contained 1349 residences.[1]

Horn was a separate municipality until 1991, when it was merged with Haelen.[2]

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