Horn House

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Horn house
Horn house from the front
General information
LocationMei County, Guangdong
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Coordinates24°18′33″N 116°13′51″E / 24.3091167°N 116.2309139°E / 24.3091167; 116.2309139Coordinates: 24°18′33″N 116°13′51″E / 24.3091167°N 116.2309139°E / 24.3091167; 116.2309139
Horn house from the back
Main Gate
Qiu Kailin (left); Qiu Changsheng and madam (center)

Horn House (Chinese: 牛角屋; pinyin: Niújiǎo wū) is a Hakka bar-style house located at Mei County, Xiyang, Fuliang village. It is about 16 kilometers east of Meizhou, Guangdong, People's Republic of China.

This house also called "Da Fu Di" (Chinese: 大夫弟; pinyin: Dàfūdì), which is belongs to one of Qiu family (丘).[1]

This house was built by Qiu Kailin (丘开麟) and his brother Qiu Xianglin (丘湘麟), sons of Qiu Changsheng (丘昌盛). In early year, they went to Indonesia for business, Qiu Kailin founded Kwong Long Company (广隆公司)in Jakarta. After got money they went back to their hometown and built the house.[2] The house was completed in 1884, after 10 years construction. The whole house has 89 rooms.[3]