Hornby Priory

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Hornby Priory
Hornby Priory is located in the City of Lancaster district
Hornby Priory
Location within the City of Lancaster district
Monastery information
Mother houseCroxton Abbey
Dedicated toWilfrid
Founder(s)De Montbegon family
Coordinates54°06′47″N 2°38′12″W / 54.112956°N 2.636805°W / 54.112956; -2.636805 (Hornby Priory (approx. loc.))Coordinates: 54°06′47″N 2°38′12″W / 54.112956°N 2.636805°W / 54.112956; -2.636805 (Hornby Priory (approx. loc.))
Grid referenceSD584684

Hornby Priory was an English Premonstratensian monastic house in Hornby, Lancashire.[1] Dedicated to St Wilfrid, the priory was a dependent cell of Croxton Abbey in Leicestershire. It was probably founded by Roger de Montbegon of Hornby, otherwise his father Adam or grandfather Roger.[1]

In 1544 Thomas Stanley, 2nd Baron Monteagle and Henry Croft bought the site of Hornby Priory.[2]

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