Hornby Virtual Railway

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Hornby Virtual Railway
Hornby logo.svg
Developer(s) Hornby Hobbies
Publisher(s) Hornby Hobbies
Designer(s) Hornby Hobbies
Platform(s) Windows
Release HVR1
  • EU: 7 June 1996
  • EU: 2 June 2000
Genre(s) Simulator, Planning Tool[3]
Mode(s) Single-player

Hornby Virtual Railway is a video game and model planning environment released for Microsoft Windows in 2000.


Players build a virtual model railway layout in realistic scenes, helping people to plan their real-life layout(s). Fixed track parts, rolling stock, scenery, building, tree and hills similar to a real life model railway. Users can also control the trains once the virtual railway is built and planned, leading to some people to call HVR[4] a train simulator. Some advanced parts such as turntables are absent from the game, and all engines on the same track will all move at once, the same speed and direction, much like a real life DC model railway. Engines included in the first edition include the LNER Class A1/A3, the LNER Class A4, Smokey Joe and the Eurostar.

Hornby Virtual Railway (1996)[edit]

Hornby released the First Simulation/Game of the HVR[5] series which was released on 7 June 1996.

Hornby Virtual Railway 2 (2000)[edit]

Hornby released Virtual Railway 2(HVR2), 4 years after the original. The sequel was somewhat more realistic looking than its predecessor, and contained more elements to use such as scenery, new rolling stock, and new engines (includes Virgin 125). Also Download Stations, Locomotives, Rolling stock from www.hornby.com.[6] Hornby Virtual Railway 2 was released on 2 June 2000.


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