Horndean Technology College

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Horndean Technology College
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Established 1970
Type Community school
Headteacher Julie Summerfield[1]
Location Horndean
50°54′48″N 1°00′32″W / 50.91346°N 1.00898°W / 50.91346; -1.00898Coordinates: 50°54′48″N 1°00′32″W / 50.91346°N 1.00898°W / 50.91346; -1.00898
Local authority Hampshire
DfE URN 116437 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Gender co-educational
Ages 11–16
Houses Tyche, Zelus, Phoebe, Cratos, Athena
Website www.horndeantc.hants.sch.uk

Horndean Technology College is a large school, situated in the town of Horndean in Hampshire, England. The school has formerly been called Horndean Community School, Horndean Secondary School and Horndean Bilateral. It is also sometimes informally referred to as Barton Cross, after the road on which its main entrance is situated. The school teaches over 1500 students a range of subjects, and has a large campus with over 11 buildings. The school has started a pilot scheme where they offer podcasts over the internet for at-home learning.

School campus[edit]

A block is the main administration block, and it contains the school's library, staff offices, and a large computer suite. It is situated in the middle of the campus. The medical room is in this block, and the main office where pupils are able to come for help, known as student support services (SSS), is near the main entrance to this building.

X block is the maths block, as well as holding most of the information technology lessons. Business and Travel and tourism is also taught here. The lower school cafe is on the ground floor. This building is situated at the lower end of the school.

C block was previously the Modern Foreign Languages block, and originally the Chemistry block, but is now being used as a pre-school/nursery.

W block is where half of the Design Technology classes are situated. Engineering, textiles, Electronics, Product Design and graphics are the subjects taught here.

M block is where music lessons are taught. This block is also used for extra-curricular music and instrument tuition lessons.

G block is the English Language and English Literature block. Physical Education is also taught here, and has the interactive multi-gym situated in this building. There are two halls where indoor PE lessons can be taught; one is known as the "Old Hall", the other "The Gym", not to be confused with the multi-gym.

S block and New S block are the science buildings, which are connected by a glass bridge. Art is also taught on the ground floor of the first building. This building is found at the top of the college, and below the field.

H block is where Food Technology, Religious Studies and Hairdressing are taught. It was originally the home of the History department (hence the name) which is now in D block. It is situated right between the main field and D block. Following construction being removed from the curriculum in 2015 H Block is now the new home for the alternative program department. In 2015, D block was refurbished. During the meantime of this many classrooms were moved around including Religious Studies. It was originally planned to be moved back into D block after the refurbishments were completed. However this never came to be, thus RS resides in H block.

D block is where the humanities subjects are taught, History and Geography. It is also the home to the Bedford Center (ASD unit) on the ground floor and the learning support department on the first floor. It is the largest building on the campus, with 4 floors, each floor dedicated to largely one subject, with the only exception being the 2nd floor, where the classrooms are shared equally between both subjects. This building was intended to be a temporary building, but has since been made permanent. D block was refurbished in 2015.

SF block used to be the sixth form section of the school, but since this was eradicated in 2004, it has been used as a Drama Foreign Languages block, as well as some other lessons on the ground floor. The upper school cafeteria is found in this building.

Barton Hall is used mainly for the community, with a bar, hall and the community's reception. Barton Hall is also used for assemblies, concerts and activities such as team building.

Sports Hall is a large sports hall between the AstroTurf pitches and G Block. It is larger than the Gym and Old Hall, and stores most of the sports equipment such as the hockey sticks and rounders bats. It has a female changing room on the upper floor, and the male changing rooms on the ground floor. This building is sometimes used for community events, such as football.

The site also has facilities for Physical Education in its field, including Astroturf pitches, a running track, long jump with sandpit, tennis courts and football and rugby union goalposts.

School bands[edit]

The music department has many bands. The main of which are The Horndean Swing Band, Brass Ensemble (aka. Brass Cake) and the Horndean Steel Pans. They have played at main events such as Merchistoun Hall Fete; The Classic Cars Show in Waterlooville and the Proms put on by the Horndean Twinning for the guests from Horndean's twinned town, Aubergenville. Besides these, there are smaller bands such as BTEC groups. Brass Cake who entered the Portsmouth Music Festival and came first in their class, and the Woodwind Ensemble who have won the Woodwind Ensemble Cup with Distinction in their class at the Portsmouth Music Festival 2007. Also Brass cake won the 2010 and 2011 Portsmouth Music Festival

Ofsted report (2016)[edit]

The school had its latest Ofsted Report in 2016.[2]

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