Horninglow railway station

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Place Horninglow
Area East Staffordshire
Coordinates 52°49′12″N 1°37′43″W / 52.8201°N 1.6287°W / 52.8201; -1.6287Coordinates: 52°49′12″N 1°37′43″W / 52.8201°N 1.6287°W / 52.8201; -1.6287
Grid reference SK251247
Original company North Staffordshire Railway
Post-grouping London, Midland and Scottish Railway
London Midland Region of British Railways
Platforms 2
11 September 1848[1] Opened
1 January 1949 Closed
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Horninglow railway station is a former railway station in Horninglow, a district of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.


The station was opened by the North Staffordshire Railway in 1848 next to the level crossing of the A38/Derby Road where it entered Burton.

The line itself dated back to 1848, and, from 1878 was shared by the Great Northern Railway (Great Britain) with its Derbyshire Extension.

The station buildings were more substantial than at Rolleston, being a single storey of half-timbered brick construction. A small waiting room was added on the second platform at the request of the Board of Trade in 1888. It closed to passengers on 1 January 1949. Although the station was no longer used as a stop for the 'Tutbury Jinnie' (as the local Burton-Tutbury passenger service was affectionately known), it continued to be used for occasional holiday excursion trains and the line remained in use for freight until 2 April 1966 when the last train - a short freight headed by a diesel shunter - passed through and was greeted by a half dozen trainspotters. The signal box adjacent the station, which had been active until then, closed the same day.[2]

Post Closure History[edit]

The platforms were trimmed in the sixties and the building converted into a cafe.[3] The outside toilet and station building/cafe remained until the 1990s, when they were demolished to make way for housing. The stationmaster's house, across the road from the station, eventually became a private dwelling and is still occupied today.

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Line and station closed
North Staffordshire Railway
Line and station open


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