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Hornopirén town and volcano.
Highest point
Elevation 1,572 m (5,157 ft)
Coordinates 41°52′28″S 72°25′53″W / 41.87444°S 72.43139°W / -41.87444; -72.43139
Hornopirén is located in Chile
Location of Hornopirén
in Chile
Location Chile
Parent range Andes
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Volcanic arc/belt South Volcanic Zone
Last eruption 1835 (?)

Hornopirén (Spanish pronunciation: [ornoˈpiɾen]) is a stratovolcano located in the Andes, in Los Lagos Region of Chile, south of Yate Volcano and east of Apagado or Hualiaque pyroclastic cone. Hornopirén lies on the major regional Liquine-Ofqui Fault. The volcano is said to have erupted in 1835, although no details are known. The name of the volcano derives from the Spanish word for oven, horno and the native Mapudungun word for snow pirén, thus Hornopirén means snow oven.

Hornopirén and Apagado. Hornopirén is the wide, cone-shaped mountain with flow patterns in the snow on its summit, while Apagado is the small, brownish cone with the wide crater on the bottom right hand side. It has a curved snow border on the left edge of its crater rim.

The village of Hornopirén is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south of the volcano, on an inlet off the Gulf of Ancud.

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