Horologium Supercluster

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Horologium Supercluster
A map of the Horologium Supercluster
Observation data (Epoch )
Constellation(s) Horologium and Eridanus
Right ascension 03h 19m
Declination −50° 02′
Major axis 169 Mpc (551 Mly)
291.4 Mpc (950 Mly)
Binding mass ~1017 M
Other designations
Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster
See also: Galaxy groups, Galaxy clusters, List of superclusters

The Horologium Supercluster, also known as Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster, consisting of SCl 48 and SCl 49) is a massive supercluster, about 550 million light-years across and has a mass of 1017 solar masses, which makes it extremely similar to our Laniakea Supercluster. It is centered on coordinates right ascension 03h 19m and declination −50° 02′, and spans an angular area of 12° × 12°.[1]

The nearest part of the supercluster is 700 million light-years (z=0.063) away from Earth (mainly the clusters near the bottom of the picture) but the far end of it is 1.2 billion light-years (mainly the clusters at the top) in the constellations Horologium and Eridanus. The Horologium Supercluster has about 5,000 galaxy groups (30,000 giant galaxies and 300,000 dwarf galaxies). It includes the cluster Abell 3266. The map on the right shows every galaxy brighter than apparent magnitude 17.

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Coordinates: Sky map 03h 19m 0s, −50° 02′ 00″