Horom Citadel

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Horom Citadel
Հոռոմ Բերդ
Shirak Province, Armenia
Horom Citadel  Հոռոմ Բերդ is located in Armenia
Horom Citadel  Հոռոմ Բերդ
Horom Citadel
Հոռոմ Բերդ
Coordinates 40°39′24″N 43°54′08″E / 40.65655°N 43.902247°E / 40.65655; 43.902247
Type Citadel
Site information
Condition Ruins with some well preserved walls. Excavations are underway.
Site history
In use Bronze Age-Urartian eras.
Materials Stone

Horom Citadel (Armenian: Հոռոմ Բերդ, also Romanized as Orom and Horrom) is an ancient Bronze Age through Urartian fortification atop two large hills south of the main road and opposite of the dam and Kamut Reservoir. It is about 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) east of the village of Horrom in the Shirak Province of northwestern Armenia. Not far from this location in Ghak and Shvaghtapa are two Urartian cyclopean forts.

Horom is considered to be one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Armenia because of its unique architecture. There are potsherds and obsidian flakes strewn on the surface of the ground. Recent excavations have been underway at the site recently by Armenian and American archaeologists led by Ruben Badalian and Philip Kohl. The teams have uncovered well preserved fortification walls as well as large amounts of cultural artifacts that have given insight into those who once resided at the site.


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