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Horqueta is located in Paraguay
Coordinates: 23°20′39″S 57°02′37″W / 23.34417°S 57.04361°W / -23.34417; -57.04361Coordinates: 23°20′39″S 57°02′37″W / 23.34417°S 57.04361°W / -23.34417; -57.04361
Country Paraguay
Department Concepción
Founded May 10, 1793
Founded by Commander Juan Manuel Gamarra, by Priest Andrés Salinas
 • Municipal intendant Jorge Enrique Centurión Giménez
 • Total 2,889 km2 (1,115 sq mi)
Elevation 127 m (417 ft)
 • Total 60,031
 • Density 18/km2 (50/sq mi)
Postal code 8820
Area code(s) (595) (32)
Climate Aw

Horqueta (Guarani: Orkéta) is a city of Paraguay, in the department of Concepción, located 50 kilometers from Concepción City and 428 kilometers from Asunción. It is established in a hill.


The name of the city has its origin in the name of an intersection of roads called "Tapé Horqueta", where carts camped after long journeys.


The town of Horqueta it is settled on a hill, after the intersection of roads.


The temperature reaches 40 °C in summer and drops to −2 °C in winter. The average is 20 °C. The time of abundant rains is November, December and January, and the dry season is from June to September. The winds come from the North, East and South-East.


Horqueta has a population of 55,882 inhabitants, 28,936 men and 26,947 women, according to the General Direction of Statistics, Poll and Census.


The city started with a chapel, in the 18th century, founded officially in 1793. It was the first city with a pedestrian street in the country.

It is the second most important city in the Concepción department.


In this region the most important economical activity is the agriculture, there are plantations of cotton plants, spurge, beans, manioc, corn, fruits. There also are yerba mate mills, oil industries, forestall exploit and cotton desmotadora.

It is considered the "National Capital of Ka’a He’e" (a sweetener plant).

Another important activity is the craftsmanship of leather and also the cattle.


Located 428 kilometers from Asunción, it is possible to access to the city traveling the Route No. 3 "Gral. Elizardo Aquino" and reaching Yby Yau taking Route No. 5 "Gral. Bernardino Caballero".

From Horqueta, it is possible to access to the city Tacuatí, in San Pedro.


45 kilometers from Concepción, by the Route to Vallemí, in the banks of the Aquidabán River, there is the Paso Horqueta, a place with beaches of white sand and ideal for camping.

The Bridge Paso Horqueta is a monumental and picturesque wood bridge over the river.


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