Horror Show (album)

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Horror Show
Iced Earth horror show.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 26, 2001
GenrePower metal, thrash metal
LabelCentury Media
ProducerJim Morris
Jon Schaffer
Iced Earth chronology
Alive in Athens
Horror Show
Dark Genesis
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]
Metal Storm(7.4/10)[2]

Horror Show is the sixth studio album from the American heavy metal band Iced Earth, released June 26, 2001. It is a concept album based on classic monsters and horror-movie icons, including Dracula, Frankenstein, and the ghost from The Phantom of the Opera. It was the first Iced Earth album to feature drummer Richard Christy, and the only album to feature Steve DiGiorgio on bass, though he did not tour with the band. Horror Show is usually considered Iced Earth's only straightforward power metal release, as little of the thrash metal influence from the band's earlier works is present. This album also featured more prominent usage of Matt Barlow's multi-layered vocals as a center point for the songs.

There was a special limited-edition two-disc set. The second disc included the instrumental track, "Transylvania", an Iron Maiden cover, along with an interview with bandleader/rhythm guitarist Jon Schaffer. There is also a single-disc version with "Transylvania", but without the interview. The song "Dracula" includes the line "the blood is the life", a quote from Deuteronomy 12:23. However, it is likely lifted from the 1992 version of Bram Stoker's Dracula which also features the line. As in "Dracula", many of the lyrics are lifted straight from the movies they were inspired by. Unlike other releases, it features much writing from Matt Barlow.

By the end of the song "Damien" there is a section where Jon's reversed voice repeats the message that is also in the middle, silent section of the song. So, if the song is played backwards, the true message can be heard. This kind of reversed voice was also done by Iron Maiden by the beginning of their song "Still Life" of their fourth studio album "Piece of Mind".

Track listing[edit]

1."Wolf" (inspired by The Wolf Man films)Jon SchafferSchaffer5:20
2."Damien" (inspired by The Omen films)SchafferSchaffer9:12
3."Jack" (inspired by Jack the Ripper)Matt BarlowSchaffer4:14
4."Ghost of Freedom" (inspired by Matt Barlow's own concept [cited by the interview on disc 2])Barlow, SchafferBarlow, Schaffer5:12
5."Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh's Curse)" (inspired by The Mummy)BarlowLarry Tarnowski, Schaffer4:45
6."Jekyll & Hyde" (inspired by The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)BarlowSchaffer4:39
7."Dragon's Child" (inspired by Creature from the Black Lagoon)BarlowSchaffer4:19
8."Transylvania" (Iron Maiden cover)(instrumental)Steve Harris4:23
9."Frankenstein" (inspired by Frankenstein)SchafferSchaffer3:50
10."Dracula" (inspired by Dracula)SchafferSchaffer5:54
11."The Phantom Opera Ghost" (inspired by The Phantom of the Opera)SchafferSchaffer8:41
Total length:61:36
  • Track 6 ("Jekyll & Hyde")'s official title misspells the name of the character as "Jeckyl".

Limited Edition[edit]

The Initial Pressing was presented in a standard two-disc jewel case with no reference to the tracks on the bonus disc (nor the disc itself) except for a sticker on the front. Because "Transylvania" is moved out of the track list, "Dragon's Child" has its full ending, increasing its length.

Disc one[edit]

4."Ghost of Freedom"Barlow, SchafferBarlow, Schaffer5:12
5."Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh's Curse)"BarlowTarnowski, Schaffer4:45
6."Jekyll & Hyde"BarlowSchaffer4:39
7."Dragon's Child"BarlowSchaffer4:21
10."The Phantom Opera Ghost"SchafferSchaffer8:41

Disc two[edit]

1."Transylvania" (Iron Maiden cover)(instrumental)Harris4:30
2."Interview with Jon Schaffer" (conducted by Sumit Chandra)  69:27


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Yunhui Percifield – lead vocal in "The Phantom Opera Ghost" as "Christine", backing vocals
  • Richie Wilkison – backing vocals
  • Rafaela Farias – backing vocals
  • Sam King – backing vocals
  • Jim Morris – backing vocals, keys, guitar solo in "Ghost of Freedom"
  • Howard Helm – keys (pipe organ) on "The Phantom Opera Ghost"



Year Chart Position
2001 Poland (ZPAV Top 100) 59[3]


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