Horror of Glam Rock

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Horror of Glam Rock
Album cover
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Doctor Who
Range Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release no. 1.3
Featuring Eighth Doctor
Lucie Miller
Written by Paul Magrs
Directed by Barnaby Edwards
Executive producer(s) Nicholas Briggs
Length 1 50-minute episode
Release date 14 January 2007

Horror of Glam Rock is an audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. This audio drama was produced by Big Finish Productions and was broadcast on BBC 7 on 14 January 2007.


Production and casting[edit]

Popular Music References[edit]

During the audio drama several references to popular music from around the time it is set (1974) for example:

Children of Tomorrow[edit]

"Children of Tomorrow" is the fourth and final single released by popular artist Stephen Gately. The single did not appear on any of his albums, or work with Boyzone. The single was released after its inclusion in Horror of Glam Rock. The song features Clare Buckfield, who appears in the audio drama itself.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Children Of Tomorrow" (Featuring Claire Buckfield) - 3:11
  2. "Children Of Tomorrow" (Instrumental) - 3:11


  • Pat is revisited a decade later in her life in next season's story The Zygon Who Fell to Earth.
  • Arnold's mentioning that he thinks the Doctor's hair must be a wig is a reference to the long wig that Paul McGann wore in his first on-screen appearance as the Doctor in the 1996 television movie.


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