Horseshoe Hills

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Horseshoe Hills
Horseshoe Hills is located in Montana
Horseshoe Hills
Horseshoe Hills
Highest point
Elevation 6,673 ft (2,034 m)
Coordinates 46°01′25″N 111°16′21″W / 46.02361°N 111.27250°W / 46.02361; -111.27250Coordinates: 46°01′25″N 111°16′21″W / 46.02361°N 111.27250°W / 46.02361; -111.27250
Country United States
State Montana

The Horseshoe Hills, el. 6,673 feet (2,034 m),[1] are a roughly crescent-shaped range of hills north of Manhattan, Montana in Gallatin County, Montana. They lie in the area between the southern Big Belt Mountains and the northern Bridger Range. The hills are bounded on the north by Sixteen Mile Creek (which begins in the Crazy Mountains), the first major tributary of the Missouri River. As they are in the rain shadow of the Boulder, Elkhorn, and Bull Mountains to the west, the Horseshoe Hills are notably dry, receiving 10 - 12 inches of precipitation annually. This is especially true on the southern and southeastern flanks, which are also in the rain shadow of the hills themselves. In the driest areas, Missouri foxtail cacti, plains prickly pear cacti, and yucca abound, as well as prairie rattlesnakes. Much of the hills are private property, but there is also some State, BLM, and National Forest land.

East face of Horseshoe Hills, Montana from Dry Creek Rd south of Maudlow

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