Horsetooth Mountain

Coordinates: 40°32′22″N 105°11′48″W / 40.5395593°N 105.1967559°W / 40.5395593; -105.1967559
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Horsetooth Mountain
Horsetooth from Fort Collins
Highest point
Elevation7,259 ft (2,213 m)[1][2]
Prominence595 ft (181 m)[3]
Isolation3.46 mi (5.57 km)[3]
Coordinates40°32′22″N 105°11′48″W / 40.5395593°N 105.1967559°W / 40.5395593; -105.1967559[1]
Horsetooth Mountain is located in Colorado
Horsetooth Mountain
Horsetooth Mountain
LocationLarimer County, Colorado, U.S.[4]
Parent rangeFront Range foothills[3]
Topo mapUSGS 7.5' topographic map
Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado[1]
Easiest routeScramble

Horsetooth Mountain is a mountain summit in the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 7,259-foot (2,213 m) peak is located in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, 7.0 miles (11.2 km) west (bearing 265°) of downtown Fort Collins in Larimer County, Colorado, United States.[1][2][3][4]


The mountain is easily distinguishable by the large pegmatite rock formation on its summit known as Horsetooth Rock. The formation is a prominent landmark of the nearby city of Fort Collins and often used as a symbol of that city, appearing in the official city seal. The name comes from its distinctive appearance.

The site was previously private property owned by the Soderburg family. In 1982, it was purchased by the county as an "open space" tax acquisition. It is now a popular destination for hikers as well as mountain bikers, with trails leading to the summit. The summit offers hikers a clear view to the southwest of Longs Peak and Mount Meeker, two rugged mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park.

A daily entrance permit costs $10 per vehicle.[5]


Horsetooth Mountain Park not only hosts some spectacular scenery, it is home to a variety of large mammals such as mule deer, American black bears, mountain lions and coyotes.


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