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Horst Janson
Horst Janson by Stuart Mentiply.jpg
Janson (unknown date)
Born (1935-10-04) 4 October 1935 (age 79)
Mainz-Kastel, Germany
Occupation Actor
Years active 1958-present
Spouse(s) Monika Lundi (1973-1976) (divorced)
Helgardt Hella Ruthardt (1982-present) 2 children
Children Sarah-Jane (b. 1984)
Laura-Marie (b. 1986)
Website http://www.horst-janson.de/

Horst Janson (born 4 October 1935) is a German film and television actor.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Mainz-Kastel, Germany.


Horst Janson is one of Germany's most popular actors, his career started very early with the film Buddenbrooks (de) in 1959, he also featured in Helmut Käutner’s A Glass of Water 1960 (Das Glas Wasser original title), where he played alongside Gustaf Gründgens, Hilde Krahl, Lieselotte Pulver and Sabine Sinjen. As well was films such as Ruf der Wildgänse (de) 1961 (The Cry of the Wild Geese), Das Riesenrad 1961, and Robert Siodmak’s Escape from East Berlin 1962.

Among his English-language films are the cult classic Hammer Film production Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter and Murphy's War 1971 (with Peter O'Toole and Philippe Noiret). He has appeared in many other feature films, including spaghetti westerns with Franco Nero, Eli Wallach and other international productions with Roger Moore, Tony Curtis, Anthony Perkins, Charles Bronson and Robert Wagner.

Television discovered him early. He became popular to a wider audience when he played a twenty-something, the first male character with long hair in German television history, on the hit show Der Bastian (1973), although he was 37 years old at that time. Janson has appeared in numerous other works for both film and television. Some of the TV series he worked on: Salto Mortale 1969, Sesamstraße 1973 – German version of Sesame Street, Zwei Halbe sind noch lange kein Ganzes 1993, Zwei Schlitzohren in Antalya 1991.

He also appeared in many German, French, Spanish, Italian and English-language TV movies including Höllenfahrten 1998 (Hell Ride), Der Bunker 1992, Rose et Marguerite 1997, Il segno della scimmia 1997 (The Sign of the Ape), Liebe, Tod und viele Kalorien 2001 and Freundinnen fűr Immer 2003 etc.

He played the character of Captain Bernd Jensen in the ARD series Unter weissen Segeln (In White Sails). Two Seasons were broadcast in 2004 & 2005; the third episode took place in December 2006 in Cuba.

He also does a lot of theater tours. In 1998 he played Old Shatterhand, the character from western novels by German writer Karl May, at the Karl May Festival in Bad Segeberg.

Horst Janson is an avid sailor. He is also a keen cook; he lives with his family in Munich.


Award of the "Sunday Mail" Best Actor in the British television game The Best of Enemies by Christopher Frey, "Golden Otto" – Bravo 1973, "Bambi" in 1974 as the most popular actor.


His film appearances include:

  • Buddenbrooks (de) (1959)
  • And Saucy at That (1960) Und noch frech dazu (original title)
  • A Glass of Water (1960) Das Glas Wasser (original title)
  • Der Teufel hat gut lachen / Drei schräge Vögel / Eine Nacht in Campione (1960)
  • Das Riesenrad (1961)
  • Ruf der Wildgänse (de) (1961)
  • Das Mädchen und der Staatsanwalt (1962)
  • Escape from East Berlin (1962)
  • Teufelskreise (TV Movie 1963)
  • Le glaive et la balance (1963)
  • Liebe auf den zweiten Blick (TV Movie 1964)
  • Auf halbem Weg zum Paradies (TV Movie 1965)
  • Niemandsland (TV Movie 1965)
  • Der Spielverderber - Das kurze, verstörte Leben des Kaspar Hauser (TV Movie 1965)
  • Anatomie eines Unfalls (TV Movie 1965)
  • Fall erledigt - 'End of Conflict' (TV Movie 1965)
  • Großer Ring mit Außenschleife (TV Movie 1966)
  • Das Rätsel von Foresthouse (TV Movie 1966)
  • Die Liebenden von Florenz (TV Movie 1966)
  • Erinnerung an zwei Montage (TV Movie 1966)
  • Brille und Bombe - Bei uns liegen Sie richtig! (1967)
  • Die Letzten (TV 1967)
  • If You Play with Crazy Birds (1969) Spielst Du mit schrägen Vögeln (original title)
  • Der Kerl liebt mich - und das soll ich glauben? (1969)
  • Face to Face (1969) Eine Frau sucht Liebe (original title)
  • You Can't Win 'Em All (1970)
  • The McKenzie Break (1970)
  • Murphy's War (1971)
  • Hilfe, die Verwandten kommen (1971)
  • Der Kapitän (1971)
  • Long Live Your Death (1971)
  • Der Ehefeind (1972)
  • Life Is Tough, Eh Providence? (1972)
  • George (1972)
  • Crazy - total verrückt (1973)
  • Battle of the Godfathers (de) (1973) Zinksärge für die Goldjungen (original title)
  • Die Zwillinge vom Immenhof (1973)
  • Deadly Jaws (de) (1974) Ein toter Taucher nimmt kein Gold (original title)
  • Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974)
  • Frühling auf Immenhof (1974)
  • Shout at the Devil (1976)
  • Breakthrough (1979)
  • Wie hätten Sie's denn gern? (1983)
  • Das Nürnberger Bett (1983)
  • Hijacked to Hell (1984) Danger - Keine Zeit zum Sterben (original title)
  • To Catch a King (TV Movie 1984)
  • The Last Days of Patton (TV Movie 1986)
  • Blue Blood (TV 1988)
  • Tierärztin Christine (TV Movie 1993)
  • Vukovar se vraca kuci (1994)
  • ..dann hau ich eben ab (TV Movie 1995)
  • Tierärztin Christine II: Die Versuchung (TV Movie 1995)
  • Les mystères de Sadjurah (TV Movie 1997)
  • Il segno della scimmia (TV Movie 1997)
  • The Last Bomb (TV 1999) Der Bunker - Eine todsichere Falle (original title)
  • Liebe, Tod & viele Kalorien (TV Movie 2001)
  • Freundinnen für immer (TV Movie 2003)
  • Mein Mann, mein Leben und Du (TV Movie 2003)
  • Die Wittelsbacher (2005)
  • Comedy-Schiff (TV Movie 2005)
  • Da wo es noch Treue gibt (TV Movie 2006)
  • Momella - Eine Farm in Afrika (TV Movie 2007)
  • Winnetou und das Geheimnis der Geisterschlucht (Straight to Video 2007)
  • Familie ist was Wunderbares (TV Movie 2008)
  • Totgesagte leben länger (2008)
  • Schlaflos (TV Movie 2009)
  • Böseckendorf - Die Nacht, in der ein Dorf verschwand (TV Movie 2009)
  • Eines Tages... (2010)


His TV Series, Mini-Series & Shorts appearances include:


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