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The Horst-Janssen-Museum building in Oldenburg.

Horst-Janssen-Museum is an art museum located in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.[1] It is dedicated to the work of Horst Janssen, the draftsman, etcher, lithographer, wood engraver, poster artist and illustrator.[2][3]

The Horst-Janssen-Museum was opened in 2000, showing 1,800 pieces from the collection of the couple Carin and Carl Vogel.[citation needed] In 1995, the Oldenburg entrepreneur Hüppe acquired the Janssen collection for 1.5 million DM. The various facets of Janssen's art are shown in a permanent exhibition. Changing exhibitions show works of artists that influenced Janssen, such as Goya, Rembrandt, and Egon Schiele. Additional drawings and prints from the collection can be viewed on request. A library contains 25,000 volumes, including publications of Janssen.[citation needed]

The Claus Hüppe Foundation awards at regular intervals the Horst Janssen Print Prize. It has been awarded to Katja Eckert (2003), Daniel Roth (2005) and Anna Lea Hucht (2008).[citation needed]

The museum shares its entrance with the co-located Stadtmuseum Oldenburg, which covers the history of Oldenburg.


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