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Horyn, Haryn
Горинь, Гарынь
A map shown with the Horyn River flowing through Ukraine and Belarus.
Origin Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine
Mouth Pripyat River
Basin countries Ukraine, Belarus
Length 659 km
Basin area 22,700 km²

The Horyn or Haryn (Ukrainian: Горинь pronounced [ɦoˈrɪɲ], Belarusian: Гарынь pronounced [ɣaˈrɨnʲ], Russian: Горы́нь, Polish: Horyń) is a river, a tributary of the Pripyat River, which flows through Ukraine and Belarus. It has a length of 659 km, a drainage basin of 22,700 km², a maximum width of 80 m, and a maximum depth of 16 meters. An important tributary of the Horyn river is the Sluch River.

The Horyn River takes its source in the Ternopil Oblast of Ukraine, south of the city of Kremenets, located north of the administrative center of the Ternopil Oblast, Ternopil. The river then flows north, where it makes s-shape formations, through the Ukrainian oblast's of Khmelnitsky and Rivne. The river then flows northeast into the Belarusian voblast of Brest, where it finally flows into the Pripyat River.

The atomic power plant Khmelnytskyi, located in the proximity of the city of Netishyn, uses water from the Horyn river for its cooling processes.

Before the river was dammed up which created pollution, the river was used for irrigation and for fishing purposes. A clean-up effort in September 1996, was a step toward the rivers restoration.[1]

Cities and towns located on the river are: (UKR): Iziaslav, Slavuta, Netishyn, Ostroh, Dubrovytsia, and (BEL): Rechytsa, Stolin.


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Coordinates: 52°08′37″N 27°16′57″E / 52.1437°N 27.2826°E / 52.1437; 27.2826