Hosehill Lake

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Hosehill Lake is a local nature reserve on the edge of Theale in Berkshire, England.[1] The nature reserve is under the management of the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust.[2]

Geography and site[edit]

Hosehill Lake - March 2017

The site is 23.5 hectares (58 acres) in size.[2] To the east and south of the lake is meadowland.[2] The eastern meadow is cut and then grazed by wild Exmoor ponies for a short period in the spring and autumn, and the south meadow is a butterfly meadow.[2]

The site features a one-mile circular walk around the lake.[3]


Hosehill Lake was given its nature reserve status in 1997 by Newbury District Council.[4] Since it became a nature reserve, an island has been created in the lake, along with Tern Rafts, a Sand Martin Bank and the Butterfly Meadow.

In 2013 the management of the nature reserve was transferred from West Berkshire Council to the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust.[5]


The site has seen a 168 different bird species.[1] Some of the more common birds seen are listed here:[4][1][2]



Coordinates: 51°25′19″N 1°04′03″W / 51.4220°N 1.0676°W / 51.4220; -1.0676