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Hoseo University
Motto 할 수 있다. 하면 된다.
(We can. - Do it, and it will come true.) [2]
Type Private [2]
Established 28 December 1978 [2]
President Il Ku Kang (강일구) [2]
Undergraduates 18,645 (Apr. 2011) [1]
Location Asan,, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea South Korea [2]
Campus Suburb
Mascot eagle [2]
Website www.hoseo.ac.kr
Hoseo University
Hanja 西
Revised Romanization Hoseo Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Hosŏ Taehakkyo

Hoseo University is a private Christian university with two campuses; one in Asan, South Korea and the other is in Cheonan, South Korea, known for its large size, 3.471074 km2.[2] It was the first school to establish a graduate school for venture business in South Korea.[3]

The university's "World Class 2030" project promotes research in the area of unexplored fields such as the interface of five senses, the expression of the sense of smell, or defense mechanism of invertebrate animals within 20 years.[3]

The university was originally a private technical college when it was founded in 1978 in Anseo-dong, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, called Cheonwon Technology University. [2] The founder is Seokgyu Kang, and the motto of the school is "We can do it, and it will come true." In 1980, Cheonwon Technology University changed its name to Hoseo University and, in eight years, it was re-formed as a four-year collegiate university. [2]The second Hoseo University campus was founded in 1989 in 165, Sechul-ri, Baebang-myun Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do. [2] The administration facilities of the university were moved to the second Campus in Asan, making the Asan campus the main campus of Hoseo University, and Cheonan campus automatically became the first campus in 1991. [2]

The university has a central library, museum, broadcasting company, newspaper, continuing education and health clinic center, etc. It also has several research centers: industrial-educational cooperation research center, small and medium-sized businesses research center, industrial technology research center, display technical education research center and environmental bio research center.[4]


Hoseo University was founded in December 1978 as Cheonwon Technical College (천원공업전문대학). On December 1980 the 2-year college was developed into Hoseo University, a 4-year university. It was granted full university status in October 1988.

At first it had only one campus in Cheonan. In February 1989 the second campus was opened in Asan. Since August 1991 Asan Campus has been the main campus.

The first president of Hoseo University was Seok Kyu Kang from 1979-2000, then Geun Mo Jung was sworn in as the next president of the university in March 2000. Since March 2004, Il Ku Kang, the son of the first president, has been the president of Hoseo University.[5]

Scholarship programs[edit]

"Venture Frontier Excellence Education" is a program at Hoseo University that provides selected students with a full scholarship for four years, placements in companies, internship, opportunities for studying abroad, etc.[6] The qualifications to be selected as a member of the program includes Christian values, venture leadership, creative thinking, global communication and global teamwork.[7] During the school year, Hoseo University offer the students a creative subject-centered curriculum, tutoring in language specifically Japanese, English and Chinese, and in mathematics, global communication education help (Hoseo English Language Program), and venture convergence lab meetings (Can Do Spirit, Project Design). [7] During breaks, the university offers English immersion education with opportunities to experience American culture for four weeks in the United States, and design education with four weeks of an internship in Italy.[8][7]

Colleges (undergraduate schools)[edit]

Year Capacity of enrollment reached(%) Rate of employment after undergraduate education(%) Tuition fee/year (Won) Number of undergraduate students Demand factor for dormitory of all undergraduate students(%) Faculty ratio(number of students per teacher)
2011 100 54.3 8,178,400 18,645 17.1 35.1
2010 99.8 51.1 8,157,000 18,624 14.9 35.0
2009 99.8 73.8 8,158,000 18,343 15.5 34.9


Graduate schools[edit]


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