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Hoshi () is a Japanese word which means star. It is also a surname. Hoshi (干し or 乾し) is an unrelated word meaning "dried." Hoshi (保志) is a Japanese surname with a similar pronunciation.

Hōshi (法師) is unrelated to the preceding words, and pronounced differently. It is a technical term in Buddhism (see below). Many additional words in Japanese have the same pronunciation as it.

People with the surname Hoshi:

In fiction:

In manga and anime:


  • Hōshi (法師), in Zen Buddhism, a Dharma Holder, one who has completed kōan study and is permitted to hold daisan (dokusan)
  • Kagayakeru Hoshi, the 2nd single by Japanese pop singer and songwriter Miho Komatsu
  • Hoshi (Go) (星), intersection traditionally marked with a small dot on the board in the game of Go
  • Hoshi University, founded by Hajime Hoshi (星), father of Shinichi Hoshi
  • Biwa hōshi (法師), travelling performers in the era of Japanese history preceding the Meiji period
  • Hoshi Ryokan
  • Hoshi (Kwon Soonyoung), choreographer and member of Korean boy group Seventeen (band), leader of the Performance Unit