Hoshikawa Station (Kanagawa)

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Hoshikawa Station

Hoshikawa Railway Station in Yokohama(South1).jpg
South exit of Hoshikawa Station
Location 1-chome, Hoshikawa 1-1, Hodogaya, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Operated by Sagami Railway
Line(s) Main Line
  • Bus terminal
Opened 1927
Previous names Kita-Hodogaya (until 1931)
Passengers (2006) 26,730 daily

Hoshikawa Station (星川駅, Hoshikawa-eki) is a railway station located in Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa. It is 3.3 kilometers from the terminus of the line at Yokohama Station.


Hoshikawa Station opened on March 31, 1927, as Kita-Hodogaya Station (北程ヶ谷駅, Kita-Hodogaya-eki) on the Jinchu Railways, the predecessor to the Sagami Main Line. It was renamed to its present name on April 1, 1933.


Station layout[edit]

Hoshikawa Station has a two island platforms serving four tracks. The station building is elevated and is located on a cantilever above the platforms and tracks.


1-2 Sagami Railway Main Line FutamatagawaYamatoEbina ・ For Izumino Line
3-4 Sagami Railway Main Line Yokohama

Bus services[edit]

North Exit

  • Mine shōgakkō mae (峰小学校前) bus stop (5 minutes walking)
  • Hodogaya shako-mae (保土ヶ谷車庫前) bus stop (5 minutes walking)

South Exit

  • Hoshikawa Station bus stop (in front of the station)
  • Hoshikawa Station bus stop (3 minutes walking)
    • For the west
      • Yokohama Municipal Bus
        • <22>Hodogaya Station West Exit (via Wadamachi Station)
        • <25>Hodogaya Statien West Exit (via Hanamidai)
      • Sagami Railway Bus
        • <浜16>Nishihara Housing Complex (via Wadamachi Station)
    • For the east
      • Yokohama Municipal Bus
      • Sagami Railway Bus
        • <浜16>Yokohama Station West Exit (via Daimon-dōri)

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Hodogaya Ward Office (north exit)
  • Yokohama Business Park (south exit)

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Sotetsu Main Line
Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Express: Does not stop at this station
Yokohama   Rapid   Tsurugamine
Tennōchō   Local   Wadamachi


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