Hoshina Masanao

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Hoshina Masanao (保科 正直) (1542 – October 21, 1601) was a Japanese daimyo of the Sengoku period, who served the Takeda clan. He was the successor of his father Masatoshi in the ranks of the senior Takeda retainers, and was given command of 250 cavalry.[1] Masanao was driven out of Takatō Castle following a siege in 1582, but was soon allowed to return through the assistance of the Hojo clan. Following a brief conflict with Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces, Masanao became a Tokugawa retainer, and was allowed to retain Takatō.[1] He took part in the Siege of Odawara Castle under Ieyasu's command,[2] and moved to the Kantō region together with Ieyasu. In the Kantō, Masanao was granted the Tako Domain.[1]



Preceded by
Hoshina Masatoshi
Hoshina family head
Succeeded by
Hoshina Masamitsu