Hosier Lane, Melbourne

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Hosier Lane
Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.JPG
The overview of Hosier Lane
General information
Type Street
Major junctions
SE end Flinders Street, Melbourne
NW end Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Suburb(s) Melbourne CBD
An example of the ever-changing graffiti on the walls of Hosier Lane.
Rutledge Lane, an alley branching off of Hosier, in 2014

Hosier Lane is a bluestone cobbled vehicular and pedestrian laneway on the southern edge of the central city grid of Melbourne, Australia. Hosier lane is a much celebrated landmark in Melbourne mainly due to its sophisticated urban art.[1]

Hosier Lane lies opposite the entrance to the Atrium at Federation Square on Flinders St, a prominent position in the city.

The lane has been noted for the quality and the often political nature of its art.[2] It features in the state-sponsored book The Melbourne Design Guide and in Tourism Victoria's Lose Yourself in Melbourne advertising campaign, leading to questions about the dichotomy of Victoria's approach to graffiti.[3] The graffiti-covered walls and art-installations have become a popular backdrop for fashion and wedding photography.

Hosier Lane is also known for its upmarket cocktail lounges including the popular Misty and MoVida. It is also home to The Living Room, a Primary Health Service operated by Youth Projects for the homeless and people with complex health needs. An open air cooking session with MoVida's chef Frank Camorra on Masterchef Australia season 2 showcased the lane as a major Melbourne attraction.[4]

Notable features[edit]

Lady Hosier[edit]

Known as 'Our Lady Hosier', a large mural of a woman whose clothes are changed over time was main feature of the lane. This was painted over during June 2012

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