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Hosjö Church (Swedish: Hosjö kyrka) is a congregational church for the Hosjö Congregation, in Falun, Sweden.

Hosjö Church

The building[edit]

Hosjö Church was built in 1663 and consists of a small red wooden building with a tower. Its initial status was a chapel belonging to Vika Church, which was the main church in Vika parish. The chapel became a church in the 1970s. The church is surrounded by a cemetery and a few hundred metres away there is another cemetery and a memorial. In the church's proximity, there is also a rectory, a parish hall, and a number of old pines which are recognised as natural heritage.

The tower originally had a spire on a low onion dome, but at a renovation in 1880 the tower got its current design. In the tower, there are two bells, one major from 1683 and a minor from the 1669.

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Coordinates: 60°35′32″N 15°45′39″E / 60.5922°N 15.7608°E / 60.5922; 15.7608