Hosono House

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Hosono House
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 25, 1973 (1973-05-25)
October 3, 2012 (2012-10-03) (Bellwood 40th Anniversary Collection re-issue)
Recorded15 February–16 March 1973
Unoki, Sayama, Saitama
  • Bellwood
  • KING
  • Vivid Sound
ProducerHaruomi Hosono
Haruomi Hosono chronology
Hosono House
Tropical Dandy
Singles from Hosono House
  1. ""Koi wa Momoiro"/"Fuku ha Uchi Oni ha Soto""
    Released: September 25, 1973

Hosono House is the debut solo album of Japanese musician Haruomi Hosono, released on May 25, 1973.

Background and recording[edit]

Besides Hosono, this album also features performances by the group "Caramel Mama" (featuring Hosono's fellow Happy End member Shigeru Suzuki). Hosono wanted to emulate The Band's Music from Big Pink and James Taylor's One Man Dog. With this album, recording equipment technology had evolved enough for domestic recordings of good quality to be feasible, and going to the center of the city to reach a recording studio was somewhat inconvenient. The album was recorded for five hours every afternoon in a 144 square foot large bedroom in Hosono's residence in Sayama, Japan with a 16-track mixing console in his living room. The instruments were recorded unprocessed from the amplifiers in a small room, leading to the album's unique sound. Hosono continued to develop the tropical style of Hosono House in his following works, Tropical Dandy and Bon Voyage co..

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Haruomi Hosono, except "Owari no Kisetsu", with music by Hosono and lyrics by Mondo Uno ('Mondo Uno' is an alias of Hosono); "Fuyu Koe" & "Jūsho Futei Mushoku Teishūnyū", written by Hosono with horns arranged by Kinji Yoshino and "Party", with music by Hosono and lyrics by Ryōko Suzuki & Yasushi Nakayama.

1."Rock-a-Bye My Baby" (ろっか・ばい・まい・べいびい Rokka Bai Mai Beibī)3:15
2."Boku wa Chotto" (僕は一寸)3:52
3."Choo Choo Gatagoto" (CHOO CHOO ガタゴト)3:25
4."Owari no Kisetsu" (終わりの季節)3:12
5."Fuyu Koe" (冬越え)3:15
6."Party" (パーティー Pātī)2:02
7."Fuku ha Uchi Oni ha Soto" (福は内 鬼は外)2:28
8."Jūsho Futei Mushoku Teishūnyū" (住所不定無職低収入)2:35
9."Koi wa Momoiro" (恋は桃色)2:47
10."Rose and Beast" (薔薇と野獣 Bara to Yajū)4:24
11."Aiaigasa" (相合傘)0:18
Total length:31:33


  • Shinzo Ishiura, WIND CORPORATION - Management
  • Ritsu Kamimura - Transportation
  • Misako Hosono - Cooking
  • Mitsunori Miura (for BELLWOOD RECORDS) - Executive Production
  • Masahiro Nogami - Photography
  • WORK SHOP MU!! - Art Direction
  • VERANSKY MIKKO MOKKO MINAKO, YAMAZAKI & Neighbour Foods - Special Thanks
  • ALFA MUSIC - Publishing for "Owari no Kisetsu"
  • SHINKO MUSIC - Publishing for "Aiaigasa"
Reissue staff
  • Mitsunori Miura - Supervision
  • Ēji Ogura - Auxiliary Supervision
  • Masakazu Kitanaka - Liner Notes
  • Junichi Yamada - Liner Notes Editing
  • Hiroyuki Tsuji - Remastering Engineering
  • Approach - Design
  • Junichi Yamashita - Design Coordination
  • Katsumi Miyata & Jōwa Honda - A&R