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Hospitalité film poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byKoji Fukada
Written byKoji Fukada
Produced byKoji Fukada
Kiki Sugino
StarringKanji Furutachi
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
96 minutes

Hospitalité (歓待, Kantai) is a 2010 Japanese comedy film directed by Koji Fukada.[1][2]


  • Kenji Yamauchi
  • Kiki Sugino
  • Kanji Furutachi
  • Kumi Hyōdo
  • Tatsuya Kawamura
  • Bryerly Long
  • Hiroko Matsuda
  • Eriko Ono
  • Haruka Saito
  • Naoki Sugawara


Ben Sachs of Chicago Reader called Hospitalité a "charming comedy",[3] while Chris Cabin of Slant Magazine called it "Essentially timeless".[4]

Maggie Lee of The Hollywood Reporter said that the film is "bizarre" and compared disguised Japanese xenophobia as a "house intruder" motif to that of Yoshimitsu Morita's Family Game and Max Frisch's play The Fire Raisers.[5]

Ronnie Scheib of Variety was quoted saying that "[the film] maintains a marvelous tension between a prim comedy of manners and unbridled slapstick".[6]


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