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Hospitality Club
An unofficial logo represents "two people with arms over each other's shoulders in friendship and waving for you to join them" in the shape of the letters "HC". Designed in 2004 by Canadian Glenn Gobuyan in a style reminiscent of cave paintings to illustrate that "hospitality is as old as humanity."
Founded 2000
Founder Veit Kühne
Focus Hospitality exchange, international understanding, networking
Area served
Method Hospitality service
Slogan ...bringing people together!

The Hospitality Club is an international, Internet-based hospitality service of approximately 707,000 members in 231 countries[1]


Hospitality Club was founded by Veit Kühne in 2000 with the help of friends and family[2] as a general-purpose Internet-based hospitality exchange organization. The organization, open to anybody, followed from a similar network organized by Veit Kühne exclusively for members of the student exchange organization AFS. The concept for Hospitality Club was inspired by the SIGHT hospitality network of Mensa and it is the successor of Hospex, the first Internet based hospitality exchange network, established in 1992 and with which it joined forces in 2005.[3]

Entrance to the Hospitality Club camp in Monnai, France. Banner reads: hospitality throughout the world

Organization and policies[edit]

The club is based on the work of hundreds of volunteers around the world.

The policy of the club explicitly forbids alternative uses, such as dating, job-seeking, commercial use, and website promotions.[4]

Website analysis[edit]

There is no registered company behind the website, and the domain name is directly registered to the founder of the site, Veit Kühne,[5] who in 2006 was working full-time on Hospitality Club.[6] The website includes a forum with certain rules - for example it is forbidden to post personal data of other members, and volunteers prefer not to discuss the organization's strategy on the forum, but encourage members to contact them directly.[7]

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