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Hossein Baghernejad (born 1 June, 1942 in Tehran, Iran) is a German scientist, civil engineer, and architect of Iranian descent. He was the first Iranian immigrant to hold a professorship in civil engineering at a German university.

Life and achievements[edit]

Hossein Baghernejad is the son of Ghassem Baghernejad, who was a distinguished builder in Iran.[1] Baghernejad emigrated to Germany in 1963 and was a student at the Technical University of Darmstadt, where he earned a doctoral degree in civil engineering.[2] While at Darmstadt, he worked as an assistant under the leading researchers of the day: Otto Jungbluth and Wolfhart Uhlmann.[3] In 1979 Baghernejad became an inspection engineer for the German federal state of Hessen; he held the post until 1990 when he founded an engineering company in Darmstadt. The Chamber of Architects in the state of Hessen licensed Baghernejad as a regular architect due to his achievements as an engineer.

Since 1991 Baghernejad has also been a lecturer at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences) in the field of civil engineering and the theory of plasticity (physics).[4] In the late 1990s Baghernejad was promoted to the rank of a professor by the Hessen Minister of Science due to his "outstanding achievements regarding the implementation of scientific discoveries into practical use".[5][6][7]


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