Hossein Namazi

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Hossein Namazi
حسین نمازی
Minister of Economy and Finance
In office
President Mohammad Khatami
Preceded by Morteza Mohammadkhan
Succeeded by Tahmasb Mazaheri
Personal details
Nationality Iranian

Hossein Namazi (Persian: حسین نمازی‎‎) is an Iranian economist and academic, who served in different cabinet posts.


Namazi received a PhD in economics in Austria.[1]


Namazi is an economist and academic.[2] He served as the minister of economy and finance in different governments of Iran. Firstly he served in this post from March 1981 to 1986.[3][4] In 1985 he was approved for the post by the Majlis, getting 106 for votes.[4]

He was reappointed to this post to the cabinet led by then president Mohammad Khatami in August 1997.[2][3][5] He succeeded Morteza Mohammadkhan in the post.[2] When Namazi was in office, there was a rivalry between him and Mohsen Nourbakhsh, then governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI).[6] Namazi's term ended in August 2001 and he was replaced by Tahmasb Mazaheri in the post.[7]


Namazi strongly supported social justice in Iran.[6] He rejected the relaxing restrictions on imports of foreign goods, especially cars, and preferred restrictive labour laws.[6]


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