Hossein Navab

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Hossein Navab
Abol Hasan Ebtehaj 2.jpg
Navab (third from left) attending the Bretton Woods Conference
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran
In office
1952 – October 1952
Monarch Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh
Preceded by Bagher Kazemi
Succeeded by Hossein Fatemi

Hossein Navab (1897-1972) was an Iranian diplomat, who served as foreign minister briefly in 1952.


Navab was a career diplomat. He served as the consul general of Iran in New York in the 1940s.[1][2] He was also the ambassador of Iran to the Netherlands.[3] He served as the minister of foreign affairs in 1952.[4] On 9 October 1952, he resigned from office without giving any reason and Hossein Fatemi succeeded him in the post.[5]


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