Hossein Sanapour

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Hosain Sanapour
Born 1960
Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation writer.

Hosain Sanapour (Persian: حسین سناپور‎, born 1960) is an Iranian writer.


Hosain Sanapour got a degree in natural resources and started to write from his late years in university, sometimes stories, sometimes screenplays and later literary critique and movie reviews.

He has been active in journalism since 1993, writing on literature and arts and in four different newspapers. Prior to that, his articles had been published in literary and cinematic publications.

His first and second books were long novels for teenagers: The Village Boys and Afsane and long night. He had been present, since 1990, in Hooshang Golshiri’s classes and then sessions, which, allegedly, were effective in his learning of writing techniques.

In 1999, his novel, The Absent Half[1] was published by Cheshme publication house that was first awarded Mehregan Award (by Peka Institute) and then co-awarded the Yalda Award. Then another novel You are coming ruin was then published and was nominated for a few awards. In year 2004 and 2005 the story collections titled With open guard and Dark side of words was published, also by Cheshme publication house. Dark side of open words won the 2006 Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for Best Short Story Collection.[2] With open guard was also nominated for several awards, but didn’t win any of them. He also published a collection of articles on novel-writing in 2003.

He has written another story called Lips on a Blade that is barred from publication by the government for nearly two years now.

He also compiled a book on Golshiri titled Hamkhanie Kateban. He has given lectures on story writing in recent years.


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