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Hostýnská elementary school (Czech: ZŠ Hostýnská) is an elementary school in the Prague 10 district of Prague, Czech Republic. The building was designed according to a project by ing. arch. Pešta and its opening ceremony took place in March 1968. The school is situated in the quiet surroundings of a residential villa district, park and the new housing estate of Malešice.

ZŠ Hostýnská - historical photo

School characteristics[edit]

ZŠ Hostýnská Sports center

The school is attended primarily by children from the local area, Prague 10, but also has some students from other areas of Prague or outside the city. The school has nine grades, split between primary and secondary levels, as well as a preparatory class, after-school childcare, a school club and a school canteen. The basement of the school contains a theatre.

The school's educational programme uses the motto: “School is cool – school for life”.

Since 2010, the school has been running an exchange program with a school in Hamburg, Germany, called “Elbe joins us”.

A presentation of pupils' abilities called "Steps" takes place annually in June in the last school week of school. Current pupils, former pupils, teachers and parents gather on the steps in front of the school to mark the end of the school year.

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