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Triko ZŠ Hostýnská

The Hostýnská elementary school in Prague 10 was designed according to a project by ing. arch. Pešta and was opened ceremonially in March 1968. The school area is situated in the still surroundings of residential villa district, park zone and new housing estate of Malešice.

Škola ZŠ Hostýnská - historická fotografie

School Characteristics[edit]

Sportovní hala ZŠ Hostýnská

The school is currently attended by pupils from the living area (Prague 10) but also other Prague or out-of-Prague localities. It is easily accessible by all means of public transport. The school has got nine grades, divided into primary and secondary levels. The other parts of the school are a preparatory class, after-school childcare, a school club and a school canteen. The modern school building offers its pupils spacious and light classrooms and several special classrooms, a practice flat with a modern kitchen for cooking classes, wide corridors to relax. The classrooms are equipped with computers, interactive boards and other modern facilities. The school is a centre of sports AŠSK, the sport equipment is above-standard – two modern gyms, fitness centre and a multi-purpose playing field with an artificial surface which is every year roofed with a tennis hall – the base for “The children´s tennis foundation” under the patronage of Helena Suková. The community centre makes possible to offer the school potential and facilities to general public.

School Staff[edit]

The school has got a stable team of teachers with a traditionally high proportional number of men. There are also several teacher´s assistants. Some of the teachers are distinguished by activities in other professional areas, there are sportsmen, alpinists and book writers. Some teachers publish methodical materials and books for teachers or parents and children or textbook materials for language teaching, some work as lecturers, they organize seminars for teachers and present their ideas in books or in media.

Focus of Curriculum[edit]

The schooling goes according to the school educational programme “School is cool – school for life”. English language is taught from the first grade, for older pupils there are lessons of English conversation and they start learning another foreign language. There is a wide offer of optional subjects responding to pupils´ interests. Gifted children can be educated according to their individual study plan. In their free time children can attend different clubs of interests – sport, drama, various creative workshops. In cooperation with other subjects the school offers sport activities such as floorball, aerobics, karate, basketball, football, sport games, swimming, rock´n´roll.

Other Activities[edit]

The school organizes unique trips, which are beyond standard of our elementary school system and make the school exceptional not only in Czech, but even in European educational systems. Pupils of seventh classes experience course of adaptation, which help to create new relationships between teachers and pupils. The next year there is the educational excursion of natural science (in South Bohemia) and a trip to Austrian Alps to discover essentials of alpinism and first aid. The attractive programme and the exceptional beauty of the nature offer children experiences they can not gain at school. Pupils can apply their knowledge of foreign language at the same time. For pupils of eighth classes the school arranges skiing courses and regular trips to Great Britain. Pupils stay in families, get to know the lifestyle in a different country, communicate in foreign language and – of course – travel. The last (but not least) event of the school attendance is the two weeks´ trip to Corsica (on bikes) or to Austria (bikes and rafts). It´s a really unconventional saying good bye to school.

School Theatre[edit]

The basement of the school is also interesting – the school theatre was created and constructed there – with lots of fascinating puppets, sceneries and decorations. The members of drama club rehearse several performances every year. In the theatre you can see not only theatre plays, but there are also presented other cultural events – poetry reading, author reading, music performances, festivals etc. At Christmas time children from surrounding kindergartens come here to enjoy the festive time.

International Cooperation[edit]

The school joined in the international cooperation and since 2010 it has been organizing an exchange stay with a German school in Hamburg in the project called “Elbe joins us”. The aim of this activity is the language practice, new contacts and the cognition of life in other countries.

The pupils of the school broaden their horizons by regular visits of theatres, museums, monuments, various cultural institutions and they also take part in lots of competitions. These are the most popular: “Dubbing reader”, “The night with Andersen”, “Make your own book”, recitation contests.

The traditional presentation of pupils´skills called “Steps” takes place annually in June in the last school week . The current pupils, former pupils, teachers and parents meet in front of the school (on the steps) and say good bye to the ending school year.

The school is also involved in projects “Start together, Parents welcome, The best Czech school”.

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