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HostGIS Linux is a Slackware based Linux distribution. HostGIS Linux comes with several open source based GIS tools installed.[1] For the less technically inclined compilation/installation of tools like UMN Mapserver might take a lot of time.[2]

Some of the tools/packages installed are:

  • The usual amenities of Slackware Linux: compilers, Perl, etc.
  • Apache HTTP Server, with PHP
  • MapServer, and MapScript for PHP, Perl, and Python
  • PDFlib, with support built into PHP, Perl, Python, and MapServer
  • PostGIS-enabled PostgreSQL database server
  • MySQL Server
  • Webmin, phpMyAdmin, and phpPgAdmin for easy system administration
  • Example maps and map frameworks already installed, demonstrating MapServer Web Widgets, Map-Fu, ECW images as data sources, PostGIS, MyGIS, WMS server and client, Flash output, OpenLayers, TileCache, and more.


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