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Type of site
Online magazine
Available inEnglish
  • Saro D
  • DJ Rockstar
EditorRose Lilah
Alexa rankPositive decrease 615 (January 2019)[1]
Launched2007; 12 years ago (2007)
Current statusActive

HotNewHipHop (HNHH) is an online website featuring hip hop and R&B music, sports, and fashion news and reviews.[2] The website was co-founded by Saro D and DJ Rockstar, and the current editor-in-chief is Rose Lilah.[3]


HotNewHipHop creates quizzes based on the day's trends in music to increase interaction with its users.[4] In 2015, 36.38% of its traffic came from Facebook and 34.54% came from Twitter.[4] It also features new singles, mixtapes of artists, and various music videos.[2]


In 2014, HotNewHipHop saw a surge in traffic after Complex's Alex Ciccimarro tapped internet personality Tune Day to host HotNewHipHop's viral "Man on the street" interview and audience-participation comedy series, Word On The Street[5][6][7] (an ode to American TV sitcom Martin and American television personality Steve Allen of The Tonight Show). According to Complex's Alex Ciccimarro and Insanul Ahmed, "HotNewHipHop produces the hottest new rappers in the game as far as sites go. If you want a tastemaker of who's gonna be hot, it's HotNewHipHop."[8]


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