Hot Blood

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Hot Blood
Directed by Nicholas Ray
Produced by Harry Tatelman
Howard Welsch
Written by Jean Evans
Jesse Lasky Jr.
Starring Jane Russell
Cornel Wilde
Luther Adler
Music by Les Baxter
Cinematography Ray June
Edited by Otto Ludwig
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
March 1956
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Hot Blood is a 1956 CinemaScope film starring Jane Russell and Cornel Wilde.


Marco Torino (Luther Adler), king of the gypsies in southern California, is terminally ill. He wants his younger brother to succeed him, but Stephano (Cornel Wilde) is determined to become a dancer instead.

After turning a potential employer against him, Marco arranges a marriage for his brother to Annie Caldash (Jane Russell), a sexy gypsy. Stephano angers her father Theodore (Joseph Calleia) and brother Xano (James H. Russell) by resisting Annie's charms and refusing to marry her. Stephano loved the blonde Velma (Helen Westcott).

Annie comes up with a scheme. Her father wants her to be paid a rich dowry from Stephano's, then run off before the marriage. Stephano's brother is trying to raise money for a trip to "the promised land." She persuades Stephano to stage a phony wedding at which she will faint during the ceremony, whereupon they will split the dowry and teach their greedy relatives a lesson. But it is Stephano whom she ends up fooling, by going through with the marriage.

An angry Stephano leaves with Velma, finding work in cheap dance clubs. He begins to miss Annie. He returns to the gypsy camp to find Marco and her together, surprisingly happy. Mistakenly believing they are now together and pulling a swindle, Stephano objects, but Marco explains that he is merely enjoying the last precious days of his life. Stephano agrees to become the new gypsy king, with Annie his queen.


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