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"Hot dog on a stick" redirects here. For the food, see corn dog.
HDOS Enterprises
Founded June 1946 (Santa Monica, California)
Founders Dave Barham
Headquarters Carlsbad, California
Number of locations
Parent Global Franchise Group

Hot Dog on a Stick, is a fast food company that was founded by Dave Barham in Santa Monica, California.[1] It is known for its signature made-to-order stick items, fresh hand-stomped lemonade and the colorful uniforms that the employees wear. It was founded in Santa Monica, California in 1946, and later branched out into malls and shopping centers. In 2014, the company was purchased by Global Franchise Group (the strategic brand management company behind Great American Cookies, Marble Slab Creamery, and Pretzelmaker.) based in Atlanta, GA. Under GFG, the brand has opened new locations across the country and moved into the franchising space.


Its first store opened at the original Muscle Beach location next to the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California in 1946.

They started serving lemonade and hot dog on a stick to people on the beach. Hot Dog on a Stick soon expanded and became a large food chain. Hot Dog on a Stick currently has more than 80 company-owned United States locations, which are primarily located in popular regional shopping malls. There are also internationally franchised locations, located in Korea.[2]


Its signature foods are hot dogs on sticks and lemonade fresh made to order. Although commonly referred to as corn dogs, the employee manual claims that the item is actually known as a Hot Dog on a Stick, with the reasoning that corn dogs are frozen and reheated, while these are made fresh to order. The lemonade is made fresh at least every two hours and is available in original flavor, cherry, lime, blue raspberry and frozen in all flavors. The menu selections include hot dogs, American and pepper jack cheese on a stick, veggie dogs on a stick, French fries, funnel cake sticks, and at a few locations, fish and zucchini in a tempura batter.[3] According to the corporate website, Hot Dog on a Stick uses only turkey in its signature hot dogs on a stick, but also offers Nathan's Beef dogs.


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