Hot Dogs for Gauguin

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Hot Dogs for Gauguin
Directed by Martin Brest
Written by Martin Brest
Starring Danny DeVito
Rhea Perlman
Martin Brest
Cinematography Jacques Haitkin
Edited by Martin Brest
Release date
Running time
22 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Hot Dogs for Gauguin (1972) is a short film written and directed by Martin Brest, then a film student at New York University. The short film features Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman in her acting debut.[1]


In this short film, DeVito plays a photographer who is determined to capture visual magic and fame. He concocts an intricate plot to explode the Statue of Liberty and sets his camera to record the Statue of Liberty's explosion as it was broken into pieces. It was filmed in New York City in black and white on 16 mm film. In 1980, Saturday Night Live used clips from the film with guest host Jamie Lee Curtis introducing a three-minute segment from the film. Rhea Perlman played the woman on a ferry, while Martin Brest played the man on a ferry. The scene of the Statue of Liberty's head exploding was incorporated during the final scene. Brest and Randolph Herr are credited with doing the special effects. This short film was inspired by the Hindenburg disaster on May 6, 1937.


In 2009, it was one of 25 films selected for the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress to "be preserved as cultural, artistic and/or historical treasures."[2][3]

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