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Hot Import Nights (HIN) is an auto show featuring compact and tuner import cars. The show originated in California and has been hosted in various major cities throughout the United States.

The Company[edit]

The Hot Import Nights Company is based in southern California's Orange County with a network of associates nationwide as well as in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The company serves the car enthusiast community which it helped build over the past two decades.

In 2010, HIN collaborated with NOPI, which had previously presented a similar car show series to launch the "HIN NOPI Supershow Tour", with two-day events scheduled in seven different cities throughout the US. However, only four shows took place in 2010. In 2011, it was announced that HIN would collaborate with XDC (Xtreme Drift Circuit) for a 2012 show tour.

Events and the Community[edit]

During 2011 Hot Import Nights hosted single-night events in a number of different cities across the US. The locales include standard metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, San Mateo, Seattle, New York, Miami and Chicago, as well as more exotic ones such as Honolulu.

Many noteworthy hip-hop and rap musicians performed at these shows.[who?] There have also been performances by noteworthy DJ's, trance and Electronic dance music artists.

Hot Import Nights shows combine a nightclub-like atmosphere with "tuner" (automotive modification) competitions. HIN also highlights the growing subculture of compact car owners, representing both domestic and imported vehicles.

Models / HIN Girlfriends[edit]

In addition to vehicles, Hot Import Nights events typically feature promotional models. These models promote the products of individual companies/magazines/websites with booths, participate in fashion shows, and dance on stage with a DJ playing the music selections.

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