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The Hot Mix 5 are an American DJ team originating from Chicago, Illinois, who were chosen by WBMX Program Director, Lee Michaels in 1981. The founding members were Farley "Funkin" Keith (later known as Farley "Jackmaster" Funk), Mickey "Mixin" Oliver, Scott "Smokin" Silz, Ralphi Rosario and Kenny "Jammin" Jason. In 1982, Scott Silz was asked to leave the group and was replaced by Julian "Jumpin" Perez in 1984, as the winner of a HMF sponsored DJ Battle. Another DJ, Jeff Davis, was supposed to be a sixth member, but Silz mentioned in an interview that he never showed up, leaving just the five members.[1]

Created to act as the resident DJs on Chicago FM radio station (now defunct) WBMX's Saturday Night Live Ain't No Jive mix show hosted by Armando Rivera, the members quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Soon Friday Night Jams, Mini Mixes and specialty edited remixes were added. The Chicago house music scene exploded as the Hot Mix 5 show and WBMX became the #1 Radio show in Chicago, by airing a new sound called House Music that was presented by their unique style of turntablism. Mickey Oliver became known by his editing and Turntable skills, and Farley, Ralphi and Kenny each had their own incredible unique styles. Soon the Hot Mix 5 Radio show became known all over the world as their mixes were recorded on cassette tapes and sent across America and aboard. Their Turntable skills together with this new genre broke about every Chicago House Music Record and many Italo Disco track, as Million of listeners in Chicago waited for their weekly mixes. Together, the've became legends as their mixes are still being sold today on the likes of Ebay and other outlets. Many of the Top Djs in the world have recognized the Hot Mix 5 as their mentors, as to setting the bar of what a DJ can be.

The City of Chicago, Illinois recognized the Hot Mix 5 members contribution to the creation of the house music genre and honored them by presenting each member with an individual street named after them and in addition a street named after them as a whole called "Hot Mix 5 Way", which is located in downtown Chicago on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Balbo Drive. Today, The Hot Mix 5 members continue to perform globally individually and sometimes as a team. Mickey has had a TV show called Intensi-T, a live stage show at the Planet Hollywood complex on the Las Vegas Strip, and mentioned as a Grammy semi finalist in 2012. Ralphi was a Grammy finalist in 2013 and has produced recordings for many Major recording artists with countless charting hits. Farley has continued his legendary DJ career by performing all over the world to huge crowds. Kenny's Addicted to Radio station has been nominated as one of America's top Radio stations.


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